Chinese jets need a minor buff

as a chinese TT player, i with say this. All J7’s and J8’s (minus the J7II) should recieve the PL5C. as you all probably should know. rear aspect missiles are not viable at top tier (as somebody who has stock grinded top tier with rear aspect missiles) almost all other competetion has at least some form of all aspect missiles wether its IR or SARH. The J7E should have its PL2’'s replaced with the Pl5B and have the PL5C as its top missiles (the fact that a 11.0 even has to research a Aim-9B variant is so stupid). same with the J7D, its basically a worse J7E in all aspects besides radar (which is negligible at best since it doesnt get SARH missiles. for the J8B and J8F, the J8B has aspides but they’re more or less useless as a player with a single braincell and just use chaff and negate it at all because of the primitive radar found on the J8B while in the J8F’s case, it sits at 11.7 and rear aspect missiles are not very good, usable but can be miserable as every other plane has better missiles or radar missiles and even when you want to get a side shot, in most cases there at least 1km close to you and PL5B cannot pull that much to hit the target, which is made worse with its flight model being sluggish.
so in my honest opinion. All chinese variants of the J7 and J8 family (excluding J7II) should recieve the PL5C as a researchable modification at minimum.

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