Chinese Extended Ground Tree Discussion

We don’t have this tank in game…

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Some new additions


Personally I really hope we get more “support” vehicles and light tanks to help bolster Chinas lineups

yeah, this is a long process


VT-12, basiclly a better ZBD-86a, based on ZSD-89, weight 23T, 600hp engine.

105mm ver, which has a suggestion: VN12 (105) - A Caged Beast - Suggestions / Ground - War Thunder — official forum




ah64e would be too early, maybe upgraded z10me with fire and forget missiles like cm502kg

how would they be to early? they are the same as the current Apaches only with a stronger engine

Is there a name or more information on the prototype 8x8 with the 125mm L60 gun (left side 2nd from the bottom)?

This is BK1990, with two variants, one equipped with a 105mm gun and the other with a 120mm gun Same as PTZ89

I don’t have any further information about the vehicle with 002 written on it, but it seems to be using a 105mm gun

dont forget that the E variant has dircm (taiwan one doesnt tho), which isnt that big of a deal cuz russia has it rn, however it aswell has 114L, which yes 64D can also carry, however would just make it higher br

Does anyone know anything about the Autoloader on the ZBD-04? I’ve heard that it should have a 6 second Autoloader, but I can’t find reliable info to prove that

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It’s imported Bakhcha-U weapon system, same as bmd-4 and bmp-3m(not in game). so, 4 second in fact.


That’s what I thought, since it’s development took place in the late 90’s when a better system was already developed, but do you have any documentation to prove this Incase gajjin gets it wrong?

This is the only image I could really grab of the ZBD-04 autoloader, but it’s seems to have the vertical storage found on later BMP-3/BMD autoloaders, so checks out

It’s the signature of later version BMP-3/BMD autolouder, so, yes, same as BMD-4 in game.
I don’t think any document can be found unless someone can get the original import file. But It’s just the same thing, with better apds for 2a72.

Couldn’t find the original video but found this one:
More proof of vertical storage
Also, I’ve heard that it has -8 degrees of gun depression, but I’ve been sceptical until I saw this
Can anyone figure out how much depression is being shown in this clip? It’s practically parallel with the engine slope

ome less important things


WZ131. WZ132 series