Chinese Air-To-Air missiles, History, Performance & Discussion

Many Chinese jets did carry PL-9s but not as their official loadout. I believe it was just tested on them.

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PL-4 on J-7? or is this PL11?

this site calls it PL-11
although they both seem to share the same shape and looks

PLAAF use PL9C, too
its one of the export trun to self use weapon as same as ZTZ96

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I’m more interested on the aircraft. It looks a lot like J-7. J-7 with radar missiles would be interesting

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Pakistan and bangladeshes j7s did have SARH missiles iirc


It could be one of these early J-8s. They kinda have round airframe like the J-7s.

ourJ-7s did have actual fire control radar though.
lemme search it up again

every modern J-7s had one. But none of the J-7s ever used any radar missiles.
Only the J-7s that has PL-9C and maybe PL-8B used radar slaving for the missiles. Apart from that J-7s never used any radar missiles.

hmm, sadly it seems ur right, but most of them did have HMS though so thats a plus at least

Technically ARH missiles should work on J-7s. But it would have to depend on the missiles own radar. Fire it in a general direction and pray that it hits something.

yeah but i dont think gaijin would ever consider those… will just have to play like a better J-7E with HMS and 4 x 30G IR missiles

It depends on how you define J-7, FTC-2000G and JF-17, can be some kind of super J-7

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Definitely no, there’s only one dorsal fin on the other photo, also it doesn’t look rounded like on the j-7 so it could still be a J-8B or newer

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PL-12s with 30g… is that accurate on the dev stream?

MB just checked it has 38Gs

I think I’ve found a few more pictures of how the PL-5B should look like in game, very similar to the R-13M or naval AIM-9


And as a bonus: J-8F mounting PL-5C, those would speed up the stock grind

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Really ? 😮 J-8F mounted PL-5C ?