Chinese Air-To-Air missiles, History, Performance & Discussion

PL5C is worse missile, if there is flare within 5 km it will lock onto it instead of a plane.

You basically only use it as R60M in headons

Adding ti is fine, replacing 5B no way

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I’m told that PL-12 has another bug or something nerf, it’s track ability in low altituade is not as good as other ARH missiles.

I sure hope the Q-5L gets PL-2s/PL-5s and gets moved up to 10.7, considering it’s 10.3 in GRB currently where China doesn’t have a single ground vehicle. What a pathetic joke. It’s realistically worse than all the other 10.3 CAS planes and has no lineup at 10.3, while it has a great lineup at 10.0 - and they put it at 10.3.

Such an act seemingly so malicious that one would believe that the developers have some kind of vendetta against Chinese equipment.


not really, now, except no missiles, it’s better in all way as 10.3 guided bomb CAS all have only 2 bombs

Yeah, and the Q-5L is the worst out of all of them. It gets:

  • 18 flares
  • 2 90kg explosive bombs with IOG (no chance for multikill).

Meanwhile, the JAGUAR A at the same BR (10.3), gets:

  • 252 flares
  • two Matra Magic 1s (one of the BEST missiles at that BR which allow it to fight enemy aircraft)
  • two BGL 1000 guided bombs with 500kg explosive mass where you will always look for multikills

The Super Etendard at, also, 10.3, gets:

  • 180 flares,
  • Matra Magic 1s
  • FOUR PAVEWAY II guided bombs, so no - they’re not all limited to 2 of them.

I won’t be posting images for the rest, but

  • the Buccaneer at 10.3 gets 3 guided bombs, not 2, as well.
  • the A-10A at 10.3 gets 4 TV guided bombs with 500kg TNT (multikill) or 2 TV guided bombs with 6 AGM-65Bs, WITH AIM-9Ls.
  • the Ayit AT 9.7 IN GRB gets 3 TV guided bombs with 2 Shafrir missiles OR 2 Bullpups, and 60 flares - it can additionally take 3 AGM-65As instead of the big 500kg TV guided bomb, then 2 TV guided bombs, and then 2 anti air missiles.

So, no - the Q-5L is a horrible joke. And its BR of 10.3 is absolutely deplorable.


Where does it say the Q-5L gets 18 flares? It should be getting 64 low caliber flares as part of 2 Type 941 flare pods in the rear belly. The Q-5A should also get this arrangement as this was standard on the Q-5A and onwards. A-5C gets 18 because it was specifically requested to modify the Q-5III to use foreign made flare pods and that was the pod the buyer wanted/had supplies of (18 large caliber).

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The Q-5A (and Q-5L), do both indeed only have 18 flares.

I don’t even think they’re large caliber.

As someone who’s been following this whole topic, seeing as the devs are actually ignoring the whole thing for ever since the plane was added into the game I believe we’re reaching the point where this whole thing can be considered a mockery from them.
Sure there’s issues with other planes, like the A-7E for example, but this one is just on the next F-ing level


Thats some really weird criteria. Nobody actually good at the game would agree with you

Q-5L is insanely strong. You get insane climbrate and speed so your time to target because of that is very short (you actually get more kills with this then AMX per unit of time) and are much much safer. The only thing that you can maybe compare it to is jaguar with buffed IOG nords but you only get gigazoom no thermal for quick spotting, IOG bombs are so much better then any other bomb at this br, it allows you so much flexibity and you dont care about people smoking up.

Yeah i would for it to get some aam but in ground battles? you have by far the best efficiency of all bombers

How can it possibly have higher efficiency than bombers that can actually defeat other fighters and have better bomb loads and more flares?

Do you really believe that a higher climb rate is enough to offset that?

It doesn’t have the highest efficiency. It has awful match presence. You could make a claim that you can farm K/D in it by climbing extremely high, getting 2 kills, and then running away to the airfield to do it again.

Which is far less of an actual impact compared to a vehicle that can kill more tanks with bigger bombs (where you’d look for areas where people gather and should be getting 4-5 kills per two bomb drops) while also having missiles that can reliably destroy other aircraft and are therefore also being actually useful to your team?

You seem to be misplacing K/D farming with low impact with actual gameplay with high impact for your team.


I’ve created an issue about PL-12’s wrong data, and suggest rename it sd-10.
PL-12 Incorrect made // // Issues


new problem,
almost all manpad type missile get buffed, warm-up time changed from 4s to 2s, except ty90, I assume it’s forgot, so I created an issue. // Issues
but it’s not convenient for me to record a video now, so It’s very appreciated if someone’s help


TY-90 is not a manpad but it is probably still forgotten. Hopefully this is fixed.

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I know, i mean it’s treated as manpad before


its the ty90 universally hated by cas jockeys, so i feel like gaijin is going to put it on the back burner even though it should warm up fast like the rest.