Chinese AFT09 - Digital Camouflage

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This Camouflage gets used by the PLA in field trials, exercises and parades,
and is very widely and often used.

Especially on this Caps/Pictures it got used on the AFT09 in Live Exercises, which i want suggest as an acctual ingame Version for.

Its very popular and could be an great addition to the game and could
expand Chinas Sortiment of realistic Camouflages.

For the requirements to achieve this Camouflage i would suggest copying the requirements of the ZTZ99A’s Version, since the Tank already has this Digital Pattern.

(The Colours would be also the same and could be copied over from the ZTZ99A)

Live Exercise, eastern Anhui, July 10, 2011 (Artillery Regiment of the Nanjing Military Region)
(Depending on the colours this is the best picture)

Live Exercise, southern Henan, 2023 (83rd Group Army)
(This pictures saturation is a bit too high. Too strong colours)

Live Exercise, eastern China, October 16, 2023 (Eastern Theater Command)
(Sun glare let this one looks lighter. Too few saturation)


All applicable vehicles that use the Digital Camo should have it in-game. I never understood why the ZTZ99A is the only one that has it. If it has something to do with the marketplace skins, I don’t think that should be an issue.


aft09 already has a green digital camo, i believe it’s this one.

It has this Camouflage, but not as digital Version, only the ZTZ99A has the digital version…

the one digital it has is an Marketplace Skin with added decals n numbers,
it is also by the way the Parade version with those big shiny white painted wheels.
((Also im personally no fan of marketplace skins, since you simply can “deactivate” them by blocking/deactivating their download in the game settings, as far as i experienced.))

This here is about an Standard Camouflage, like the ZTZ99A has:

Blank, only the camouflage, ingame unlockable and/or buyable with golden eagle, and being able to add your own decals.

there is a military parade camouflage in the market, but I still want to see more. so+1