China, Italy, France, Britain , Israel 11.7 MBT need BUFF (2)

Make every tank 1000mm of armor and 0mm pen, only way to kill people is strike drone after capping 4 zones, match times 2 hours minimum, if you leave match before then, 2 week ban, it’ll be balanced trust me

You can check the reliability by simulating hits on the same portion of armour to be checked. You will find that firstly, it is accurate in most cases, and secondly, the green area underestimates the penetrable area in some cases. Beyond a doubt, there are large areas which @totolescargo did not highlight at all in his diagram, which are underlined in my original response. The best estimation of the area is given in the 4th reply in this thread by @Ibash_Aminoas, displaying accurately the large penetrable area of the armour.

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The orange part which you labelled 1 crew member dies, often results in both gunner and commander dead, which means you are straightaway knocked out. Plus the disabled gun barrel means you get killed or have to back away. I do not agree that this is just a BR or strengthening thing, the Chinese MBTs were doing badly but still playable before addition of spall liner, the problem lies with the strength of ztz99a, it has good mobility, but the slow reload and low penetration results in an ineffective flanking especially against the spall liners. The low depression also results in the difficulty of sniping from a hill. I think that ARIETE, type 10 and Leclerc have a clear way of HOW TO PLAY, either flanking or sniping, but for ZTZ99A this DOES NOT EXIST.


…And, the problems with the ZTZ99A’s model only make this issue even worse, because it artificially increases the size of both its weakspots and of the vehicle in general, as well as takes away the built-in depression that many eastern-style vehicles have (the turret ring isn’t at an angle on the in-game ZTZ99A, even though it should be).


there is another solution, continue to stretch BR and lower the level of lec. In this case, apart from Germany, the armor of LEC can block most shells

I think lowering BR is not an option, since it cramps lower BRs unless it is VT4 since it does not deserve 11.7 in the first place, the ariete as well should be similar. The ariete is more prone at something like 11.3, which makes no difference to 11.7 whilst vt4 should be at 11.0, since the worse survivability (due to autoloader), worse mobility and round /reload. This with a tank with no depression sucks.

I sort of agree with ariete, but what about VT4, it has even worse round, the autoloader and fuel tank makes the survivability much of the same as the Ariete, whilst being much taller. The reload and depression are also unfavourable. The APS does very little in battle, so should it be going down to 11.3 as well or 11.0. I personally think 11.3 IF THE BR IS STRETCHED to 12.0 for the Strv122Bs and Leopard 2A7Vs.

china also have tandem missiles on their top tiers…

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do you realize that youre using a better modifiers than the D tech on the leopards? it should get better modifiers but 1 or 1.25 against ke is just bs

Good thing D-tech on Leopard 2A7 is under performing.

any source behind it ? because even if the d tech is “fixed” it wouldnt have a 1.00 modifiers… let alone an 1.25 one

So you didnt even bother to read the report… in game the 2a7 doesn’t have tech on the hull, it keeeps using c tech, aka the base armour keeps being the same as the leopard 2a5, d tech is only present in the turret

C? it more like a B tech with composite screen on it don’t even have same level of protection as 122

Pretty sure that it is c, it doesnt have the same protection as the strv because the add ons on it have better modifiers

It’s the same for A7Vs and Strv122b, but I don’t know if there is a variation of armour thickness between the two strv122Bs. Also, the strv122A seems better in terms of armour than leopard 2A6, is it true statistic wise or is it just me too scared of Strv122s.

So you didnt even bother to read the report…

2A7 is suppose to have the same hull protection as the turret.

That being besides the point your forgetting one thing I said.

You started this even knowing I said “Assuming” and “we don’t truly know”

We don’t know what the War Kit is made up as it is classified. Given that War Kit entire purpose is to protect against KE threats then MORE THEN LIKELY its going to have a higher armour modifier. Higher then it currently has in game if Gaijin gave a shit.

My post was to show what the effective armour would be IF the armour modifiers were 1.25 and 1.00. I never said that they were. I was expanding on @SneedSellsFeed War Kit post.

So if you want to have problems with my simple math and assumptions then go to Sneed’s post and have problems with his since he uses 1.5-2 armour modifier.

its racism guy again

Chinese tanks are fine lol

others need buffs, mostly the chally, worst of the bunch. Ariente has no armor yes but has everything else.

Chally’s fuel tank wont boom when be hit
and they have much better shell and reload time than Chinese tanks