About c1 ariete's WAR kit

based on WAR kit’s high armor density,I wonder why it only adds about 30mm protection against APFSDS?


Oh, its just air there, 5 tons of high density air.
Or pasta.


It would literally fix the Ariete at top tier if the WAR kit provided ~200-250mm of KE protection like it does in real life…

It’s 5 tons of armor MADE to stop APFSDS. It’s basically RHA/HHA equivalent or realistically better since it’s built to affect KE threats with a primary focus on the turret cheeks and weighs an entire 5 tons. Anyone can extrapolate the protection to at least be:

  • the surface of the turret cheeks, the turret side, and a bit of a hull side that WAR covers (we know the exact dimensions of the vehicle so this is easy to calculate - I’d say roughly ~4m squared).

  • the density of RHA is ~7900kg per meter CUBED - so 100mm of RHA covering a surface of 10m squared weighs that much (7900kg), you can calculate this out for WAR (if it’s 4m squared and weighs 5000kg) to be at minimum ~160mm effective.

If those 5 tons were 1:1 with RHA, that is, and not superior materials like HHA or tungsten or various composite materials built to affect APFSDS (like the ones found in the turret cheeks of Russian tanks, where textolite/ceramic balls have a KE modifier of like 1.5-2, even.

The Ariete’s base turret armor is 400mm against KE. Making the WAR kit (which covers the cheeks, turret side, and a bit of the hull side) 200mm effective would make the turret 600mm effective and able to block plenty of top tier APFSDS like the Russian 3BM60 which has 580mm of penetration.

It would also make the turret sides strong enough to block APFSDS at an angle, or resist autocannons. It would make the hull sides sometimes eat a shell, as well. It would be an impressive increase to its survivability and it would instantly make the Ariete an actual 11.7 worthy vehicle WHILE BEING ACCURATE.

The fix to make the entire Italian tree, and the weakest top tier tank in the game - historically accurate and capable, quite literally boils down to changing the KE modifier of the WAR kit from ~0.2 to 1.5. It’s basically changing one number, and Gaijin REFUSES to do it.

On that note, the PSO kit is also severely underperforming, as its KE protection is also too low for its weight. And the Ariete is also missing a turret spall liner and some hull front composite.

If the WAR and PSO kits were fixed, if the internals of the Ariete were modeled properly, and if the AMV got the ability to mount both WAR and PSO at the same time - Italian top tier would be a very balanced and fun experience. As it would have parity with other tanks at top tier.


Leopard had blowout panels, better armor, spall liner, better mobility, better penetration. And ariete is given the same slow reload as the Leopard. So it is clear that Ariete is quantifiably weak

But, ariete winrate is high +noone plays/cares about italy
so you must understand Gajin is not in it for italy, it is not a bias nation so it suffers

Stalinium is for Russia, Krupp steel is for Germany
And then, Italy gets 5 tonnes of air


Know this, that all the Ariete tanks in the game are fantasy tanks, they do not exist in reality, because their real characteristics on the armour are not the ones implemented in the game.

In Italy, the armour of the Ariete is under military secrecy, so it is not known how thick the armour is for sure.

What is well known is that the developer OTO-Mellara has stated that Aries has a composite armour, with a thickness that is similar to Challenger 1… But Gaijin doesn’t care and keeps saying he wants concrete values… But in the meantime, for Russian vehicles, you just show them a youtube video made by a retarded child and they accept it as true.

Here is another example of accepted Russian propaganda.

This makes you realise that the Russian bias is real, and when the community does a review bombing they are right, and the developers deserve it.


Yeah, that’s true. And gaijin still not want to change theirs BR, make it become worse

As we know, the win rate on tank like Ariete not really depends on Ariete player, it depends on your teammate, if you teammate is Germany or USSR, you have higher rate to win

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NO, I can assure you that the Italian players know their stuff with Italy, but that’s aside.
I completely agree with you, the Aries armor should be fixed and not abandoned as is unfortunately happening, we’ve been complaining about this for about 5 years now, but I haven’t seen any real solution, just stopgaps

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It might be worth gathering more sources and giving another bug report a go. The worst thing that can happen is Gaijin says no. Even if they won’t fix the other values of the tank, we could at least have the WAR kit fixed so the Ariete could actually be viable at top tier.

If anyone sees this & has any sources on the WAR kit that they can chip in (ones that aren’t classified please . . . … . . . . . .), it would be nice if you can provide them.

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it’s mostly air irl too

And what do you see here?

Given the tank looks like it has been mothballed it’s possible the NERA arrays have been removed.

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The picture doesn’t say much because from the lighting we can not see much. how deep it goes ? it’s only if here it could be yeah there nothing after or after like 30 cm there could be armour plate the cover composites that are in turret cheek. this picture most part just give us guess

That is a prototype/preserie version of the C1 Ariete at a military graveyard. You cannot use this as proof of anything really.


Even if that was able to be used to make a point (it isn’t, as the post above me suggested), it just goes to show how important it is to have the WAR kit properly implemented in the game.