China, France, Italy, Israel, Britain 11.7 MBT need BUFF

(This is a reasonable suggestion. Please administrators do not close it and take this content seriously.)

Okay, it’s time to discuss this topic. Currently, in the 11.7 competition, there is a serious imbalance between MBTs from different countries.
The top-level competition is a very important part. But these issues have always been overlooked.

Whenever players request to BUFF those vehicles, gaijin always says, “Please provide information and evidence.”.
And this induced behavior has caused multiple serious leaks worldwide.
So, I hope. When balancing vehicles, priority should be given: this is just a game, and “balancing” does not require so much evidence. When certain vehicles should be strengthened, then this should be done.
Moreover, the type90B in the game is an example. Completely detached from reality for the sake of selling gift packages.

Next, we will continue to discuss the issue.

At present, the best performing tanks on 11.7 are T80BVM, strv122, and Leon2A7
M1A2sep1 followed closely behind
So the remaining ones are the poorly performing MBTs. In the past few years, most top MBTs have not escaped this predicament. Only the M1 series and Leclerc received a 5-second loading.

I propose the following changes:

Provide Challenger 3 with a 5s loading speed

Repair the upper armor of Leclerc hull,seal that loophole

Fix the 3D models of ZTZ99A and VT4, and improve loading speed and projectile penetration

Replacing the air in the Ariette tank turret with composite armor(80mm)

increase hull KE of the Mekava MK4

These modifications will effectively narrow the gap in top-level competitions and improve the issue of “balance”
Next, please share your thoughts.
(hope this topic can receive enough attention to attract gaijin attention)


They hinted at a top tier tank decompression last BR change.

Im hoping that means that these tanks that are all at the exact same BR will be spaced out. It is stupid to think about tanks like the Chally 2BN, 2E and 3TDm as well as the LeClercs, Ariette, Merkavas, etc being the same BR as the 2A7Vs, BVMs and the swedish 2A7V. These tanks need to be like 12.3 in comparison. That would help greatly.

(but yes, Chally 3 TD is pointless with its current reload, so that buff should be done)

those small BR distinctions have almost no effect, especially for top-level competitions. and my suggestions can largely solve these problems

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Move a lot of the 11.3s down to 11.0, move the meta tanks to 12.3. At least then those tanks will never see them. But its tricky. They have to based upon real world evidence, except things like loadouts and reload times which are balancing choice.

It is obvious that the reason we face these “balance” issues is because gaijin has always ignored the needs of players. And they themselves cannot see these problems

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I can say that even if they modify BR, they still cannot solve the “balance” problem.
This can only provide a better environment for lower level vehicles

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