China facing germany grb

How often does china face germany in ground rb? I want the m4a4 sherman but i hate the long barreled panzer 4s.

I would say often because China gets paired with USSR a good amount.

The panzer 4 has a great gun but you should be able to use your stabilizer and decent aphe to good effect. It is honestly a “shoot first, win first” sort of thing.

You mostly play against Germany until br 8.0 , aft that you start getting pared with Germany alot against USSR

I observed that BR matters when talking about teaming of nations at 10.0 China and germany can get teamed together tho not so common. Russia doesn’t get teamed with germany at all, only starting at 11.0.

In your case probably you will face germany alot from what I can remember, but Russia will increase your already good win rate to the heavens and after.