China F-104G

China F-104G

Please give China F104G thermal bombs and lower BR to survive at all

It has incendiary bombs available already.

And it is already at het lowest BR of all the 104G’s at 10.3 along with the German one - why should it be any lower? The Italian one is at 10.7 for no apparent reason…

the german one is at 10.7 lol wdym

My mistake - I had air assault selected when looking up the German one, which counts as AB.

So, anyway - there they are - 3 x F-104G’s:


Why should the Chinese one be lower than the otehr 2?

think they mean flares



china F104G no flares

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I want it to have its AIM-9P4’s. Lowering the BR to 10.3 would be nice as well.

If it gets better missile then imma be fr u lucky if it stays at 10.7.

All F-104s (except the A/C) need to go down .3 in BR, with the G (China) down .7. They’re just not good aircraft, with mediocre armament, good but not exceptional speed, and a complete lack of manueverability that makes them free food for PD-SARH and makes it nigh impossible to kill an aware opponent.
There’s an equal BR difference between the F-104C and F-104G and the F-104G and F-16, which is just stupid.

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Why do German and Italian F104G have jammer, while Chinese F104G has no jammer?

No aircraft currently has jammers?

I presume you mean flares, but How TF would I know - ask Gaijin!
And if you have evidence they should have flares report it as a loadout bug.

They didn’t have flares for countermeasures (as far as I know) just a chaff dispenser and ECM pod

Domestic Taiwanese CD-1 chaff pod.

i agree that almost all F-104s need a BR drop but i’d also say that the ASA is fine where it is

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The 104A at 9.3 doesn’t!! :)

Searching old threads from the previous forum - the is evidence that ROCAF 104’s carried chaff pods underwing, and maybe flares - suggestions were made in 2022 - eg see

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yea the early ones are fine as is

German one is really fine at its BR.

Technically there’s four G models in game if we include the Japanese J model being a specialised interceptor version of the G model for Japan.

What’s daft that the lowered the Japanese one to 10.3 but left essentially the same aircraft the Taiwanese one at 10.7 then added two extra AIM-9’s to said 10.3 aircraft.

I honestly don’t get why they don’t just lower all four of them to 10.3 at this point (ARB perspective tbh) & hell the S models could probably get a drop as well as screw trying to play those in the current environment.

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F104G no flares 10.7

F4C 10.0

It’s very unfair. Please help us to respond to the official.