Chilean Ground Forces Sub-tree

+1, other than a light tank line, this is the next most needed addition to the Israeli tech tree.
(Also +1 for Israel ofc, which desperately needs additions to its tree which is quite lackluster in many places at the moment)
The 10.7 Leopard interests me the most, with the kind of rounds and thermals it appears to be getting, that would be a really good platform for 10.7, and paired with the suggested 10.7 Chilean SPAA, might be a fun lineup as an alternative to the 9.3-9.7 and 11.0 Merkavas with extremely lackluster armor and their massive profiles.

My only gripe with this suggestion is that there’s still an absolutely massive gap between 9.7-10.7 in terms of mbts and pairings for the Imp.Chaparral and some CAS platforms. A light tank line might be able to fill those areas with things like the Namer IFV for top tier, or the Achzarit IFV, that one M113 with the 30mm bushmaster and iron fist aps, and possibly Eitan IFV for the lower and less filled BR range.

One other thing I might want to see instead of this sub tree would be some upgraded and modernized vehicles from Israeli tech companies, such as Elbit. Things like the Sabra, the upgraded T-72A for Kazakhstan, Vietnamese upgraded T-54 prototype and production models, Sabra ASCOD, (maybe the TAMs), or the M-60T would be wonderful additions that would fill the gaps I’m worried about, especially given the older generations of base platforms will allow them to be at lower battle ratings where that current black hole of a gap is at.

At the end of the day, this is an amazing and well put together suggestion, loved all of your other separate Chilean suggestions, hope we see them in the game, and hopefully in Israel. Well done and well made man, look forward to any future suggestions you make.

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+1 Independent Latin American Tree

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This looks really good, some nice vehicles to be the structural bones of LATAM tree it seems!

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there won’t be any unfortunately

Hello, thank you very much for giving your opinion in a respectful and logical manner. Regarding the small gaps that exist, I think they could be filled with some vehicles from other countries that also have a relationship with Israel. There are also some other Israeli vehicles that have not yet been implemented. in the game and that can fill those gaps like the Sabra Mk.1/Mk.2, Achzarit Mk.2 RCWS-30, etc. but that would depend on gaijin. I think that in general the Chilean sub tree would help Israel a lot to fill in several spaces. I would also like to show you the first images of what will be the Leopard 2A4CHL that is being modernized by Aselsan.

That model is being presented these days at FIDAE 2024 here in Chile, which is a very recognized international military fair worldwide. Tomorrow I will go and try to take better photos and videos of the Chilean Leopard 2 concept.

I must clarify that the model shows the Chilean Leopard 2A4 in its first phase of modernization, the second phase being the addition of additional armor and an APS, although more time would be needed to confirm the latter.

In any case, the Chilean leopard will be superior and even more interesting than the standard one that is present in the game.


Video taken by me of what the new Leopard 2A4 CHL would be, some of the improvements would be:

  • Fire Control System (VOLKAN-M or VOLKAN-II)
  • Gunner’s Sights (Likely KARTALGÖZÜ-200)
  • Driver’s Vision System (Either GÖREN-100 or GÖREN-200)
  • Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer (ATS-65)
  • Laser Warning Receiver (TLUS)
  • 360⁰ Situaitonal Awarness System (YAMGÖZ)
  • Remote Controlled Weapon System (SARP)

The second phase of modernization will add an APS that can be Pulat or Akkor, which will provide the Leopard 2a4 CHL with protection against guided missiles


so once these improvements are shown to the public on a real Chilean Leopard 2A4 I will add it to the Chilean land tree or I will modify the BR of the Leopard 2A4 CHL, so in my opinion it could remain at BR 11.3 at rank 8


Preferably you should add it as separate vehicle at 11.0 or 11.3. Considering much of the improvements are focused on improving situational awareness, it might not justify increase in Battle Rating. Though I believe 11.3 is a fair rating.

Phase-I and Phase-II would be excellent vehicles at Rank VIII for possible Chilean Sub-Branch. Only problem would be lack of new round, as far as I’m concerned M322 is the best 120mm APFSDS round Chile operates now. Although M322 is a quite powerful round, it would hinder the capabilities at 11.3-11.7. Considering Strv 122B+ has M322 as top round, this Leopard would be highly handicapped as 122B+ has quite good armor to compensate.

Only real solution would be in this context is decompression. If current top Battle Rating would be increase to 13.0 - 13.3 - .13.7 there would be no problem and other tanks such as Ariete, Merkava and Leclerc would also benefit.

I would say it is AKKOR and not PULAT from the images you took from the fair. There was simulator which had AKKOR’s radar on it coupled with ÖRÜMCEK 360° Situational Awareness System. Though I cannot really say why current setup uses TLUS+YAMGÖZ instead of ÖRÜMCEK if there are plans to integrate AKKOR in Phase-II. (Do note that Phase-II nothing but confirmed as of now)


It is not 100% certain that it is the M322, it could also be the more powerful M338 that looks the same aesthetically although it has a more elongated tip so we would have to analyze more closely the video of the Chilean army where the ammunition is seen, or even It could be the MKE’s MOD 290 120mm APFSDS manufactured by Turkey with similar characteristics to the M322, but it must be one of those 3 since I think they are the only ones that look aesthetically similar with the blue stripe.

Regarding the issue of the APS, I think that this is also almost certain since the APS appears in the Aselsan document where it says that it will be implemented in Chile, it is also mentioned in several military pages. The big question is the issue of additional armor that according to my personal sources is also going to be added although the latter could be questioned.

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+1, Chile is probably the most appropriate subtree purposal for Israel, considering that Israel is starting to run dry on innovative platforms and their trend will probably turn into modernizations for new stuff ingame.

Vehicle-wise, Chile has a extensive record of using NATO-related platforms, but those were heavily —if not entirely— overhauled by Israeli contractors given the operational requirements needed by every branch of the army, so it will surely have some historical and military sense.


The best thing is that the first images of the Chilean Leopard 2 modernized by Aselsan have already begun to be shown, so we can now have a 11.3-11.7 in the Chilean sub tree, so this tree is going to be very solid in all ranges and i agree that Chile is the best option for Israel since it is the sub tree that covers the most missing spaces for Israel in all its trees. thank you very much for your support bro.


Recently Turkish state television released a video highlighting ASELSAN’s exports, during this video we got to see early-state of Chile’s Leopard 2A4 turret with ASELSAN and. ROKETSAN components. We knew ASELSAN sub-system from defence fair but first time it was confirmed that Chile’s Leopard 2A4 will also receive ROKETSAN T1 Armor Package. This appears not to be the case, turret is likely taken from Leopard 2NG which has AMAP armor, not T1. So it is likely just a test bed, nothing more.

All in all, this modernisation seems to turn out quite extensive, only missing active protection system. Considering ASELSAN also offers two different APS, I believe there will be at least PULAT integration.

Work-In-Progress Leopard 2A4 Turret

In-game perspective, this Leopard can be crown jewel of Chilean Sub-Branch with battle rating of somewhere between 11.7 to 12.3 (If snail ever decompress). Gameplay would be quite similar to Swedish Strv 122B+ so is battle rating.


How is the turret and hull armor going to fare would you assume?

It is hard to pinpoint exact values since T1 Armor Package is quite new. Though we can do some educated estimates thanks to ROKETSAN’s advertisement brochure. ROKETSAN’s ERA is known to be immune against much of the contemporary chemical threats including tandem-warheads.

From the tests we can infer that ROKETSAN ERA provides at least 800mm protection against tandem-warhead chemical threat, PG-7VR. This figure I believe more than 1000mm considering it is mentioned that Kornet-E is among the threats ERA can deflect. We also now that ERA provides kinetic protection but numbers are not known, it is simply stated as it increases protection against 105mm, 120mm and 125mm APFSDS rounds. Closest thing to protection value given in brochure is that it is immune against small calibers rounds up to 30mm, which probably means it won’t be triggered by rounds smaller than 30mm.

Passive/composite armor on the other hand has no proper value to work with unlike ERA. It is only mentioned as it provides protection against 105mm, 120mm and 125mm.

I would say T1 Armor Package is probably one of the better armor packages one the market, values although unknown is probably no less than what AMAP provides, potentially even higher considering it is even newer solution.


The truth is that we still cannot say anything that is 100% confirmed about the images of the turret that were seen lately, we can assume that it represents a modernized turret for the Leopard 2 of Chile since several sources mention it, mainly from Turkey and there is also the fact that it agrees with the systems that were seen in the model presented here in Chile. In short, we will have to wait for a more official source but at least we can see that the work is progressing.

And here I am, hoping that Gaijin hears these suggestions as part of a Latam tree!

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The other day I found this quite interesting photo of a Leopard 2A4 CHL with slat armor, the photo is from last year 2023, it seems that the army is already thinking about how to deal with the suicide drones that Bolivia bought.


Chilean M41 armed with IMI/OTO 60 HVMS

I already have those tanks on the tree my friend


So you mean that the appearance of the Chilean leopard will be the same as that of the Türkiye leopard NG? Turret section