Chieftains need laser rangefinder

Indeed. If I remember it should range for the HESH round

I agree and hope gaijin see this

Chieftains L11 cant fire L28A1 or A2. It can fire L26A1 but with a reduced charge. Only the later L30 which the Challenger 2’s mounted can fire L28A1 and A2.

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Though it was to equip Oman’s Challenger 2s with the L30 gun, L28A2 was designed to use low pressure charges similar to the L8 and L14 charges.
So wouldn’t be surprised if it’s compatible with L11 like the other rounds that used them. High pressure rounds such as L27 and L28A1 designed for the L30 gun use the L16 and L17 charges.

From JDW, Jan 2007:

BAE Systems Land Systems is anticipating a contract from the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) Future Business Group for final development of a new export 120 mm armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding-sabot (APFSDS) projectile, designated L28A2. The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is funding the L28A2 work specifically for Oman, which has a requirement to replace its old L23A1 APFSDS projectile. The development leverages off the company’s previous work on the L28 and L28A1 APFSDS projectiles. Oman operates a fleet of 38 BAE Systems Land Systems Challenger 2 main battle tanks (MBTs) that have been optimised for use in the high temperatures encountered in the Middle East. These are armed with a BAE Systems Land Systems 120 mm L30A1 rifled tank gun, which is also installed in the British Army’s Challenger 2 MBTs. Oman’s existing L23A1 APFSDS round has a tungsten nickel copper penetrator and is used with the L8/L14 charge system. The round has been subject to a life extension that is now drawing to a close. BAE Systems Land Systems has already carried out a DPA-funded technology demonstrator programme (TDP) on the L28A2, including a number of firings to demonstrate terminal ballistics and armour penetration characteristics. The work on the L28A2 round also includes some of the technology incorporated into the CHARM 3 propelling charge system technology incorporated into the CHARM 3 (C3TR) propelling charge system already in service with the British Army. This uses a UK low-pressure charge system and advanced penetrator material, as used in other in-service rounds.

L28A2 was apparently to be certified with the L18 low pressure charge we use for CR2’s L29 TPCSDS, reduced-range PRAC round.

Ultimately though it would be anachronistic to give Chieftains L28A2

It’d be quite entertaining to blast through T-80U upper plates with no issues whatsoever, I can’t lie

Well, I’m assuming you could.

Current L27A1 should be able to but anti-ERA is not enabled.

After playing the 8.7 Chiefs with the new changes these are really solid tanks in a downtier, the Mk.5 is actually playable for the first time in years-

Right up to the point when you get uptiered and utterly smashed by all the race cars, especially if you are unlucky enough to get matched against U.S. Didn’t even try the Mk.10, it’s probably trash still.


I can tell you about the Mk.10 since i have it
mind u i havent played it for a hot month or two

its hit and miss. the LRF and Dart make it doable, and the Stillbrew is reasonable

Until you meet the Bashar Al Assad propaganda spiller at which point your ammo just becomes irrelevant, you get mango’ed and thermalled first, or you get thermalled and then lfp hits

in summary: don’t bother. Mk.3 and Mk.5 is where its at.

I have the Mk.10, Talisman’d and even played it enough to get Berlin Brigade camo and Ace crew

it was not fun even before TURMS spam


then its the same but worse xD

I played a little Mk.10, it’s not unplayable but I remember why I hated it so much: fixed 10.0x zoom with narrow FoV; horrible for WT maps, the other chiefs are 8x fixed which aren’t as bad.


That might get changed // Issues

The mk.10 and mk.11 are virtually identical and both should have had TOGS (everything that got the full Totem Pole series of upgrades should have TOGS), it just depends on which base hull it was upgraded from.

  • The mk.10 is a mk.7 with the full set of Totem pole upgrades (including improved FCS, TOGS, compatibility with APFSDS, improved radios etc)… The a mk.7 was just a mk.3 that was upgraded to a mk.5 standard.
  • The mk.11 is a mk.8 upgraded with full Totem pole… The mk.8 was a mk.3/3 (a mk.3 with an upgraded engine and laser rangefinder built into the sight) upgraded to mk.5 spec (further improved mk.8A engine and improved NBC system).
  • The mk.5 should come with some of the Totem pole upgrades, like the Barr & Stroud laser rangefinder sight (the Chieftain was the first tank in the world to get a laser rangefinder).

The MK3’s also received that LRF.

And i have MULTIPLE Sources from the time saying the MK5 also had the TOG’s system.

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Source for the TOGS on the mk 5?

Any Chieftain Mk. 3 with the L suffix has a laser finder. So it really depends on which Mk. 3 Gaijin want to have in the game. That’s the issue with the Chieftains there’s just so many minor sub-variants.

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Yeah, Mk3 or at the very least the Mk5 should have them. At 8.7, they wouldnt exactly be OP

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For the TOGS on the mk 5. I know about the LRF.

The TOG’s system was part of the Stage/Phase 2 Fire control refit program. which included the fitting of the Thermal imaging onto all frontline Service Chieftains.

That was done between 1975 and 1979.


No it wasn’t. Stage 2/Phase II only saw the improvement of the No.15 commanders cupola.

Togs wasn’t ready until mid to late 1980s for fitting en mass

And tanks fitted with Togs went to mk. 10 ->mk.11 standard no other variants were fitted with it.

These are my sources