Chieftain MK11 should be added to War Thunder!

I believe they should add this tank to War Thunder! Mostly because it has thermals, so would make a perfect 9.0 / 9.3 Tank for Britain. It could also revive some of the brilliance the Chieftain was. So much of the Challenger 1 was effectively a Chieftain given new armour, better gun and better targeting systems. Sort of like how the Typhoon went to being the Tempest.


Britian deserves some Gaijin love. You going to have to creat a very impressive proposal to get gaijins attention, photos, some history etc and present it. We are also in ndire need of mid tier and not just medium tanks


it could also be an modification for the chieftain mk.10 that changes the model to a mk.11, rather than a completly new tank to research

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Yeah, this would be pretty awesome. So many iconic British vehicles just… Never added… Because… “Reasons”

They don’t even need to change the model. Mk. 10’s received the same upgrade, they just put all the electronics in the spotlight box on the side of the turret.