Chi-Ha Short Gun should be BR 2.5 or 2.7 in RB

I like playing this tank and it can one shot almost any tank it encounters at its current BR of 1.7 in RB.

This is why I think it should be raised to a higher BR. Of course the armour on this Chi-ha is quite low , so it couldn’t sustain major hits, only MG hits maybe.

But its 120 mm naval gun is devastating at close range.

Yeah no. This thing does one thing well and that is kill vehicles with weak armor.
It isn’t OP in anyway it has armor that can be penterated even with 50cal from front and side.
Reload of 10s(ace reload) isn’t anything to write home about, then again it is 120mm gun in cramped turret.

Moving this to 2.3-2.7 would mean it would meet even more tanks like KV-1 and T-34 that it just cant kill unless getting really lucky shot.
It is totally fine at 1.7 being balanced by longer then average reload at that rank,thin armor and cramped tank that means any penetrating hit can easily wipe whole crew.

If it should overperform something that I higly doubt it should be making reload slower rather then making it face tanks that it cant kill.


Ok got it. On a side note, I’m looking for real war footage of this tank . Do you know where I can find info on Internet?

Really there isn’t match footage outside of pics taken of captured Chi-Ha after war.
What is know from Mai Waffentrager who was working with Gaijin to implement these tanks to WT that Chi-Ha short gun is missing other rounds that it used.
Chi-Ha 120mm Short would be able to fire:

  • Commerce Raiding HE
  • Anti-Submarine APHE
  • Type88 HEAT
  • Type2 HEAT

“Unfortunately, information concerning this variant of the Chi-Ha is as rare as the tank itself. What is known is that the vehicles were deployed with the Yokosuka No. 16 Special Land Battle Corps.”


Thanks for the pictures. Clearly the USA “M8 HMC” derp tank is much better than the Chi-ha SHort Gun. It has faster reload rate and is more mobile. I manage to make more kills per game with M8 HMC than with Chi-Ha Short gun.