Chengdu J-10, History, Performance & Discussion

It’s a photoshopped copy of this image


I see

J-10A can carry 4x PL-12 and 2x PL-8 for certain, it is questionable whether it could also carry some on the intake mounted hardpoints. Surely, it has never done so in service. This is the most we may see officially.

That picture isn´t real either, but as I told @不是很能抗压 already, 2x PL-8 / PL-10 and 4x PL-12 is 100% possible.

However, one or two prototypes could use two addtional PL-12s on the wing fuel tank pylons, as well as CFTs but afaik neither has been carried over to production airframes.


Those CFTs are also so obviously photoshopped on there. Idk what it is with this aircraft and all the photoshop but it’s kind of annoying. Even the pod under the nose looks photoshopped.

Possibe a PS as well, but I have seen TGPs and bomb mounts like this quite often.

J-10CE suggestion in progress (though it can take a while, as I am working on quite a few more Japanese suggestions as well)

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In several air shows, the J-10A did indeed carry AAM on the inner pylons. I have previously posted this photo on old forum with multiple angles version, but it cannot be found at the moment and will take some time.

Do you remember where you posted it ? Have been trying to find it as well, but can´t find it. : /

Me too, maybe i can find it somewhere :(

Maybe it comes up again, in the meanwhile I´ll be working on J-10 suggestions (currently J-10CE).

So basically if it comes to the game now it’ll just be a pl-8 slinger but at least we get a decent airframe to fight other jets with once the pl-8 memes are over

J-10A / S can be equiped with PL-11s and since it has a PD Radar, the missiles won´t be bad as on the J-8B (which doesn´t have a PD).

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So good because now J-8F lack medium-range active radar homing BVRAAM PL-12 and can’t BVR tactic

At least J-10A & J-10S good BVR tactic defensive from enemy fighter 11.7-12.0

But even on the J-8F while you could have them the missile sucked and it was not worth taking it instead of PL-8

Unless they buff it, this SARH is worthless

Does J-10A have HMS/HMD?


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The J10/J10A BLCOK0 was just an extremely rare early production batch, they got PL12 launch capability very quickly and cannot be considered a representative aircraft

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The J10 can carry at least two PL11。

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2000s is the time where Chinese netizens are fantasizing trading 1 F-22 with 8 J-8II due to the horribly inferior equipments. Photoshopping our own equipment to create a false sense of security is very popular back then. There were also rumours of J-14 stealth fighter back then simply because someone made a very realistic looking photoshop. IIRC officials actually had to deny it.
Later, when military fans sneaked a photo of real J-20 prototype, the internet didn’t believe it and simply dismissed it as another photoshop, until the guy who took the photo were sentenced to jail for it.
That’s how severe photoshopping back then.


PL-11 will grant J-8F minimal head on capability that cannot be defeated with a simple pop of flare. However that’s off topic so let’s leave it there.

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