Cheater in ground RB, already made a complain

Am i lagging or this guy is cheating because he keeps disapearing, check the replay his name is rode.


Someone by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no way that another player can control how they appear to you in game. It is probably server desync or an issue with your graphics.

On a side note, I did see someone mention that there was another mapping glitch floating around, which may be part of it, but I don’t know any of the details on the map or who is being effected.

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i couldn’t lock onto him too with ah1z, and our spaas couldn’t shoot him down he was literally floating over the map with no one to shoot him down, it might be a problem coming from my gpu and maybe he’s cheating idk.

Can you link the replay for the game?

u can check the post idk how to link the replay, i don’t use it often.

Sounds more like a server issue to me.

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If not sure, suggest not naming people here - especially if you already used the reporting system.

What you are reporting sounds like a connection/network issue.

Here’s some info on how to spot cheaters in ground play and how to report them