Chat not connecting

I have noticed as of late the chat does not connect for hours after logging in can we get this fixed as its hard to reach out to my squadron


Open the chat window as soon as you get into the game, then it’ll start trying to bring it up. If you leave it not brought up, it won’t try as seriously it seems.

When the playercount is high sometimes the chat server struggles with it. Hopefully they do work on this as the chat really is having trouble, and I’ve mentioned a long while back that we have less actual features in the chat than before, and it works worse.

(Edit - Alright, it could actually be seriously having trouble lol.

This could echo my comments in random areas regarding chat, now actually catching up with it…)

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Yup its really annoying squadron and global chat just does not work 90% of the time but they seem to not care about it since its been happening for a good while hopefully they do fix it soon

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… it really doesn’t work

It does, just currently (As in in the past 12 hours) the servers are actually having a fair bit of trouble. Profiles are taking ages to switch, some people are getting the infinite ‘Loading Modes’ in the hangar, and the chat has actually been dropping out entirely, and seeming to restart as if the service is crashing.