Chat Not Available To Me Right Now

So what’s going on with chat? I can only use chat when the servers are quiet, and not when busy. All I get is “Not available to you right now” I have not received a chat ban, I can chat in game, but not in the hangar, or send private messages while in the hangar. Anyone else getting this too?

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Happens to me and a couple of my squad mates too since three weeks IIRC. Some times I play a match then and it comes back but mostly not.
And it occures only when we log in in the afternoon or evening.

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Seems intermittent. Same thing happened to me half an hour ago, but now chat in hanger is back online. Presumably a server issue.

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Yea, nah, it’s really flakey, and has been for a month or 3 even. It needs fixing as something is genuinely wrong.

It’s eiher a bad connection somewhere along the tubes of the internet, or it’s gnuinely a server/data center problem.

I’ve had the window up for an hour to get it to connect, then it seems that the chat server crashes or something as there’s no-one in chat, and there’s no channels cept the main created channels.

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Thanks Guys! Happy Hunting.

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Chat has been a little wonky for a year now, but as mentioned, the last 3 - 4 months it has been extra dodgy. The busier times of day are definitely worse. I can usually get in first thing in the morning(5+ GMT), but lord help me if I have to restart the game or my PC for any reason, because the chances of getting back into chat are slim & none for a good long time. It used to let you in after you played 2 - 3 games . . usually, but even that is of little to no use lately. Once everything quiets down, as you mentioned, then it is much easier to get the chat(s) to load. Normal 25 - 30 in the English chat is now lucky to be more than 6 or 7 during the day. It’s almost like it is being throttled down or restricted until players from the other side of the world log off. I have no idea how many use the Russian or German language chats, or any other besides English for that matter. But I do know that English is a minority language for the game in general. It has worked great for 8 - 9 years, and with even a lot players online, so it’s a mystery. If they just don’t want us to have a chat anymore, that’s ok I guess. But at the very least, separate the Squadron chats from the no working chat. As a Deputy Commander it is very difficult to get anything done in the game because the chat never works. Having to rely on a 3rd party chat app just isn’t very useful either. Maybe find something that could be overlayed with the game and relieve Gaijin from having to bother with it.
I spent 12 hours, from 6am to 6pm just the other day and was never able to get the chat to load. Twice it tried and I could post in the Squadron chat, but the main chats never would load. And as soon as I did say anything in Squadron chat . . . . “you are disconnected from chat” . . . so . . . lol. And I was playing too, did the whole 35k for the tank event, both Daily tasks and the Special task, so I was putting in the effort, which used to trigger it . … not anymore. It’s like they just don’t want the players to use chats anymore, but just can’t bring themselves to pull the trigger on removing it altogether . … lol

I just tried chat, where it’s 8:31 am Pac Time and no go…says not available to you at this time. :(

Something bad happen to Russia? Usually Gaijin adjusts chat when a “significant” issue occurs with that particular country.

maybe server powered by hampter has some issues