CHAT Banned for unknown time

So as the title says, I found out today I was chat banned but do not know why and for how long ? Any way to appeal or understand why ? Thank you !

chat is disabled for everyone your not banned don’t worry


Ah…makes sense why no “Shoot if racist” comments anymore ! Thank you !


Chats disabled for everyone due to some users engaging in talks about the recent terror attack, assuming if that’s the legit reason they disabled it.

They need to give us a means of telling the team what we’re marking instead of just instituting a blanket ban because somebody did something IRL.

They need to stop disabling chat in reaction to real world events.
So what if people talk about that stuff ingame, we have a mute feature for a reason.


Battles are horrible without ability to form even rudimentary strategies with team-mates. Mind you I’ve been on some horrible teams that think you can win a domination battle by camping - so might not even make a difference.

Or they should give a notice about it instead of it randomly being disabled instead.


War Thunder is for ages 12+…

Gaijin has the right to protect the innocent…