Chat banned 15 days for reporteing

so this games modraters ban ppl for breaking the rules
but wene the MOD break the rule and gets reported for it you get chat banned
reported Wolfman for Threatening me in chat i reporte him and boom 3 mins later i got 15 days chat ban here is the screenshot of this mods ABUSE

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your first post is not shown on your screenshot, and what the MOD wrote as his answer is a warning not a threat.


Please be aware we have logs from reports. Here is an example of your quality discussion on chat. I censored insults.

well then dev team or support team need to get ther head out of ther *** im not going ot do ther job for them hell no

and who is the *** that did buy EAC for ther game

Please re-read rules before you create any more content on our forum and/or say anything on chat. We do not allow for rule breaking behaviour and will always fight with it.