Chat ban

Hi, I’ve been chat banned for the first time, but I didn’t see how long the mute was for. I think I might have been banned for things I did a while ago because I believe I haven’t done anything wrong recently. By the way, I’m trying to secure a partnership for War Thunder. After the chat ban, will I still be able to pursue the partnership?

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your not banned please read the other posts the chat is temp disabled


It’s not a you ban, it’s an everyone ban.

Chat’s been disabled for the moment, yet to be established when the chat will return.

It’s not a bug, or a factor of what any one person did, it’s just the days events.



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you arent chat banned chat is just temporarily disabled due to “recent events”

Chat is temporarily disabled. It’ll come back eventually. This is not a you thing, you’re fine. The game notifies you if you’ve been chat banned.

@Pacifica here’s another one to close.

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And as for the partnership, it should be noted that meeting the requirements doesn’t 100% mean you’ll be accepted. This is not trying to discourage you, trying to make content and becoming a partner is a great thing and I think you absolutely should persure it if you want to, but that piece of information is something to keep in the back your head. I wish you the best of luck you o7

Maybe Gaijin could make a formal announcement so people don’t have to come here and open these threads?

If we can be harassed on a daily basis that premium time has expired, I’m sure informing the player base that chat is temporarily disabled globally via pop up notification shouldn’t be a reach.


They may or may not… just have to stay tuned to the news, not much communication happens over the weekend, since… well you know, its the weekend…

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