Chat ban

Hi! I was chat banned and don’t know how to use this forum to contact a game master, is there anyway someone could guide me in the right direction?


Here man also welcome to the club, contact this guy gets back within a day or so Stona_WT

I just contacted Ledo, should I try Stona_WT too?

Yes sir

It very clearly tells you who to contact. Stona is not one of them. There’s a chain of command for a reason. It’s not hard to follow.


ty for doing my job for me


I do what I can. It’s not hard to be helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to bite my tongue and not let the sarcasm flow. But being helpful is the easy part.


Single most true statement ever said on the forums.


how long does it normally take for a response? Im sick of being chat banned for something I didn’t even do

It is the weekend so it might not be till monday. But you can hit up more then just one person on that list. How long is the chat ban?

45 Days dude, i’ve had them before but this one I got recently wasn’t even caused by me

Leave me a message and I am happy to guide you through the chat ban appeal process.


A Game Master responded before I even finished commenting ^^

Game Masters will be very busy! they will get back to you ASAP

So, just be patient!

And the Game Masters will have all of the logs, so they will know if you have broken the rules or not