Chat Ban for 30 days ( what is retrospective mean? )

Now I have been playing for about 7 years now, I have had 2 chat bans ever, this being my second. After the first one I stopped saying the truly horid things a high school boy says on the internet. Recently I have simply been playing and occasionally gaslighting the enemy team. The worst I can think of is that I called two players Chinese and Israeli swine for shooting me down. It’s funny to me and not an attempt at going for someone in any manner then the nation they are playing. But I got hit with Abuse, Xenophobia and Foul Language. Honestly that last one makes sense. Am I in danger of a perma ban in the future? My admin notice had something stating this was a Retrospective action.

Yes, it can lead to a permanent ban, and from what it looks like you will now be one step away from that

PM Game Masters and they can explain the situation better