Chat Ban Appeal

Was chat banned for if I recall 30 days, then without playing much ended up with a perma chat ban. I understand why I got these bans but I would like to appeal them as my general attitude has changed and just wanna be able to talk to my team again. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated. Many tanks

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You’ve got to have done something serious to be permamuted, but it’s worth a shot. It is rather impactful to be unable to tell the team something other than the quick radio and pings.


Contacted, Many tanks

… and planes and ships :)


I thought I was chat banned 2 weeks ago, but it turns out the chat was broken after the update.

I only ever call my team mates snot nose little kids, and over-confident 12 year old boys. I never use anything like “kys” or “your gay”.

My frustration at useless teams is a genuine grievance and clearly it is too easy for 10 year old kids to grind into BR 6.7 and still play without understanding basic gameplay.

Well, War Thunder is for ages 12+

we do understand frustrations for sure… War Thunder is a very competitive game, and so it is bound to have some frustrating moments

Best thing is to count to 10, and think twice before posting ^^

As it has been pointed out… for any in game dispute of Moderation, you will need to contact the Game Masters