Chat ban appeal plz

Got hit with a 15 day chat ban for trash. Ill stop, so please restore so i can actually communicate with my team other than that annoying map ping. Its frustrating when you have people saying racist slurs, nothing happens to them ( because i see them doing it all the time) but i get a chat ban for 15 days on my first offense??. Cmon man, this is getting ridiculous.
edit: please stop flagging my post just to be a troll.

write the support, forums cant do anything

That is why warnings exist… they are meant to be annoying so that you learn from your mistakes…

You will have to suffer for 15 days, and then hopefully you have learned your lesson! if not, then the next warning you receive will be something like 30 days I think, then after that it will be permanent…

So, if you value your posting privileges for online chat, then you will need to adjust your behavior

You have read our EULA / ToS when you signed up to our Game, Forum and in game chat, so you know the Rules that we expect everyone to follow