Chaparral’s targeting system

Just curious, with the Chaparral’s targeting system, I can lock on to a jet or helicopter at 2.5 miles away, but not a heli less than a half mile away? Trying to spade this vehicle alone is already a headache, so. lol


It uses passive infrared tracking and helicopters are just not warm enough.
I recommend only to use it in matches with planes.

Just makes it harder to spade that vehicle, especially in higher BR battles where most of the matches have helicopters. But, i do have a lot more luck against jets, it’s true.

Fun fact. It’s pretty good at shooting down scout UAV’s and they count as air kills. :)
But still, the M247 with proximity fuses is sooooo much better and I’ll take that any day over the Imp.Chaparral.


Gaijin screwed up badly the sensitivity of infrared systems to helicopters. Some missiles in-game should be able to lock onto them form 5-6 km away, but sometimes even at 2 they struggle.


I’ve been trying to spade all the vehicles in my Israeli tree, so that’s the only reason I was concerned. I know the US has one and not looking forward to that grind all over again, but it’ll be a whie before I have to worry about that. lol I have gotten a few drones, so that’s helped with the grind. :)