Changing the Artillary to be more like the scout drone

So as it stands now when light tanks use artillery you pick a place on the map that is with in your range, the further out you go the bigger the circle and smaller when closer to your position. Its really fire and forget. The area gets hit with marker smoke and a warning giving plenty of time to run away.

My idea is to turn the artillery into player controlled shots that can be a little more precise than the current system im place. No marker smoke, and the light tank would get something like 5 shots per cool down. Would also like to see the the range extended further out since light tanks are support. Not to cover the whole map but maybe just further than it is now. With distance also comes less accurate shots like it does now, so if you are at the very end of the range it may take all 5 shots to get a hit or none at all. Would still go into map view to do the targeting and could have a 3 second delay between each shot.

The lonely scout that no one appreciates. Im all for buffung the scout but your proposal is not much better than skilled radio operator IMHO