Changing Crew Language on a "Per Vehicle" Basis

I love that the Hungarian vehicles in the game finally have crews that speak Hungarian. I used to modify the game into thinking the HU voice lines already present in the game files were actually the IT lines, so for Italian tanks it would pull HU voice lines.

However, I am wondering if it possible to modify crew voice lines on a vehicle by vehicle basis. For example, I would like Italian tanks like the Semovente da 105 to remain in their native tongue, but I want the StuG III in the Italian tree to be speaking Hungarian, since those were supplied to the Hungarians. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.

You can set scope reticles for each tank because of the name in txt file. Maybe you can do that for voice lines too? So instead of nationality, it would check name of the tank.

But that is just my guess where I would start, not sure if it would work…

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