Changes to top tier modifications

I want to propose some changes to top tier. I have just started playing top tier and it’s by far the worst stock experience I have ever had, the amount of rp to get modifications is a bit stupid imo. Having stock Apfsds makes it a bit better but it is still really bad. I propose stock parts or maybe increase the engine powered and turret rotation so I don’t turn into a kv-2 the second my turret gets shot out, give a stock regular rangefinder so you have a chance on longer range maps which are very common at 11.7, also make the LRF at tier 3 or 2 modification so it is not stupidly hard to get it from stock, I play the leopard 2s and I know they are best played as a sniper tank but trying to snipe without at rangefinder is the hardest thing because if your shoot and miss, the target is just gonna shoot back and know where you are, and 10-1 they have a LRF. I think these changes can make top tier modification grinding a bit more tolerable so it is not ridicules to get modificstions, and also decrease it down to 15,000 rp for rank 8 ground.