Changes & New Features

Gaijin should implement fixes for current major bugs that is apparent on most ground & air vehicles before adding more features or useless changes to the game.

Game is now plagued with even more visual & mechanic bugs than I have seen previously since 2018.

Change my mind.

well i personally think they should update the decoration bushes they are still stuck in 2014…


That would be nice.

But how about vehicles not de-rendering at 700m when you have a high-end PC? Or your ground vic radar not getting stuck in animation?

What about IRCCM functioning like IRCCM or radar not losing lock in 1 pixel of cloud?

Change your mind about what? You were too lazy to even list any of the bugs. You expect people to guess what you meant and then argue against guesses, lol? Just for you to then turn around and go “nah, not one of the ones I meant” if it suits you? No thanks.

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Oh okay fine you listed a couple later on here. I don’t play with IRCCM, but the other one:

This is not a bug, it is intentionally an anti-cheat feature that is badly calibrated and also partially pay to win.

  • The anti-cheat part: when the game estimates that you probably wouldn’t see a vehicle most of the time anyway, it stops sending you any packets about it, so that wallhackers cannot function (nothing to “hack” if your PC has no data in the first place) while minimally inconveniencing normal players. But they need to work on dialing back their multipliers to make it rarer, because it is too aggressive to “minimally inconvenience normal players”. Then again, I don’t know how many people try to cheat, so maybe it needs to be fairly aggressive.

  • P2W: They also made keen vision affect it, though, which makes no sense for either anti-cheat or resources saving, and was just to grab a quick buck. Which is a separate problem, but not one they’re likely to “fix” since it was just obnoxious, not “broken”

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So this is something new to me and ye, frustrates me even more that I now have this new information.

I mean, level 109 crew with only my loader (3.5/5) not maxed on keen vision. So IMO this can not really be an argument.

On average spending 12+ hours in game a day (cause gunner heat PC does not have that a big community and WoT is worse) and the last two major updates has been sad, almost. Only good thing from the whole pipeline so far has been the SL & RP changes.

So to add a few more :

TVD breaking through fog on the Rooivalk, A-10A (terrain goes black)
Objects vanishing in scope when visible in fog without scope (sniper mode)
ZA-35 & Chieftain Marksman being able to sometimes radar lock even when the radar is off/down position.