Changes in setups for Ground Simulator Battles


Simulator Battles ground setup 10_2 has been reworked

Vehicles with Battle Rating higher than 11.0 has been moved to the setup 11_2

New schedule for setups: 8_2, 10_2, 8_2_2, 9_2, 11_2

Updated 10_2 setup will be turned on today!


The simulator modes have been neglected for years, because of this I was very critical of Gaijin and stopped playing for a while. However, the last six months have seen many positive changes. The availability of the battle pass in simulator, the air sim rotation and now the new ground bracket have all been big steps in the right direction. So I would like to thank you Gaijin for caring again about the only game mode that entertains me. There are still a lot of problems, but if you continue like this, the future is promising.


Kinda related but more a genral question:

Is there still a way to suggest changes? Especially in this Sim (10_2) there are a few things I personally (and many redditors) don’t like. For example I think there is some Slight inbalance with Germany only having the 2A4 as a top dog, but russia running the T90A or China the ZTZ99s/MBT2000. Also the AH Mk1 and other longbow version (whereas the AH46D (USA) isn’t even in there) seem to strong.
Also I and many other would apreciate to remove Eastern Vehicles in Western trees from sim completly (T-72 GER/HUN, BMP etc…).


Yes, I think that’s the biggest problem. Shermans in all Axis nations, Taiwanese vehicles on the Warsaw Pact side, East German vehicles on the NATO side and so on. Many times the difference is just a small difference in colour. Which I obviously don’t notice immediately because there are 4 bushes on the tank and false nationality markings. By the time I react it’s already killed me.

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I mean, I really apreciate that there is a new lineup, and that there is work put in, but why don’t we first solve the existing “problem” or issue that is talked about aswell? (I know that people also asked for a lineup around this BR, but imho it has to many issues to be enjoyable for me)


Well this is joyous news!

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We need normal sim rewards and sim player pop increase

Is there an up to date list where I can see vehicles

Any chance japan could have a tank for the new lineup? Like they literally only have a premium tank and thats it
Not to mention, How the hell is the T-90A a lower BR than the Type 90? I understand the Type 90 is effectively a mobile TD, but its armour is so weak that it will die to a shilka in less than half a second from the front.

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Also requesting that like in WW2 lineups, vehicles from lower lineups be available so every vehicle but the top top vehicles are available in at least 2 lineups

The lineup that needs a split the most more than this new intermediate-top tier addition is probably 8_2_2 versus 9_2 because there’s a massive gap in balance. 9_2 used to be the cutoff for when laser rangefinders were starting to become a thing and nothing had thermals, but now there’s a bunch of vehicles with thermals in that lineup with rangefinders, and vehicles like the QN506 and BMD-4 heavily break the balance. In addition to this, AH-1E is too terrible of a helicopter to be forcibly uptierered to fight Z-19s with 8x TY-90s, don’t you think?

Russia really needs the T-55A and T-62 (Early) in the 8_2_2 lineup, and the PT-76-57 should be uptiered so it sits in that lineup, it doesn’t belong any lower (currently it is fighting panthers in WW2). China also needs some vehicles (I haven’t grinded them yet).

Currently, eastern powers in 8_2_2 only get ZSU-57/2 and WZ-305 as their sole primary upgrades, but they could use more vehicles such as the T-10 (as its reload rate limited), and we should bring back early ATGM carriers such as the Marder, M551, and the BMP-1 (it should have never been removed from this lineup to begin with imo)

A limited selection of very early helicopters with only rockets or generally limited “stomping” capabilities (Mi-4, AH-1G, UH-1B (JP), AB205, SA342L (China), H.34 (France), HKP3) could probably be placed in that bracket because currently they have no place to belong in the game. Not even the mighty @BruceLeeroy94 is able to do anything remotely useful in rocket helis in sim currently.


@Stona_WT great to finally see a new setup for ground SB!! Unfortunatelly this has been needed for so long I feel we needed two, not just one. There is to much compression in the higher tier setups.

Also, does anyone know where you can find the setups outside the game? Could not find them here on the forums or the wiki…


The arrowhead pointing downward is supposed to show the day. For now, it shows the date. For example, 8_2_2 is “13 (),” so it’s on Friday.

I can already say you guys haven’t checked if every vehicules which were in the previous 10_2 were put in the new 10_2 or 11_2.
It looks like regular TT ZTZ96A is missing in both rotations.
I guess it won’t be the only one.

Remove Z19 or add AH1Z… if u cannot rework ground vehicles at least rework CAS

This is a bottle in the desert…
The only excuse they can use is it’s based on algorithm / IA.
No human can put z19 at the same level as tiger HAP (with hot 3 and overbugged mistrals…) when there is tiger HAD with hellfire & shitty mistrals only in top event. It can’t be human.

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yea same for QN506…for some reason it can be in 9_2 but its COUNTERPART Vilkas only in 10_2 an 11_2…but NO BIAS… or 10_2 tunguska but no ADATS… because ofc WHY having balanced line-ups right… M1 but no M1 IP or M1A1 while Russians can have T90…its joke and they know it. there is reason why they don’t adjust it or even reply to this thread just like in old forum, they ignored thread for 4 years after they added KA 50

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