Change the payouts for playing battles

I have played more than 1000 battles in both GRB and ARB. And i have realized something it is impossible to grind this game.

if you dont get a kill after you purchase a new plane or tank you’ll be stuck in debt for months. if your not a good player, just an ok player you cannot grind through the game.

A game should be enjoyment and should not create stress. All we are hoping is to one day play with the insane top tier lineup without paying £100’s for crap. I’m only grinding three lines per tree to be more efficient and yet i can’t make any money. Research is fine. I like to grind for research but we need higher salaries per battle. I cannot live of 800 sl just because i missed some shots.

many players have skill issue but they would rather not speak out about this issue because they know they’ll get penalised for it. You can’t be the best at everything, and for a game you shouldn’t.

Increase our payouts. We can’t keep giving you the opportunity to waste our time for no reward.