Change tank ammunition in battle

A few weeks ago I was playing France 2.7 GRB, and I selected to play in my Char 2C. When I spawned I noticed all I had loaded was 75mm HE shells, this is odd since I usually take APHE and never HE on it. Albeit getting three kills with pure HE (Quite a task in that thing), I thought “Why can’t I change ammunition types on caps”

For example, if I accidentally load only smoke or a shell I don’t like, I can drive onto a cap and swap it out for other ammunition (With similar rates to replenishing ammunition in general).

What are your thoughts on this?


The closest you get now is changing your ammo load right in battle, so you don’t forget to change it later. Although it only works for next respawn obviously. But to be honest, I don’t see this feature as being incredibly useful. Sure, you will use it from time to time when you forget to change your loadout and can actually stand on point for a few minutes with empty stowage in order to replentish it. It will probably make devs spend too much time so that will not be worth it

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Yep, I did do that, it’s just annoying when it spawns me with HE after I have never ran HE on it.

It doesn’t seem like it would take too long to input, but I’m not a code fella idk.

Thanks for your feedback!

Have you completely unloaded HE from the 1st ammo slot?

not too sure what you mean, but the game set my tank to having 100% HE shells and 0 APHE shells after I got a modification (I wasn’t sure what one)

Are you aware you can define the number of each shell carried?

Can’t open the game at the moment so can’t show you a screenshot - but I know in the past I have sometimes thought I’d reduced the number of an undesirable shell to zero, only to find 1 still being carried - and if that shell is in the first ammo slot then it is loaded by default.

So the question is what is the first shell type in the pre-battle set-up screen for the tank?

If HE is the first shell type listed them either make sure it has zero shells loaded, or, preferably, replace it with APHE.

Yes I am, when I loaded into the game, I had 64 HE shells selected that I did not notice, as I only ever use 25-30 APHE on the Char 2C and never used HE. In aircraft, there is a bug where your fuel goes to minimum after researching an engine upgrade, and this is a similar bug, as my shells changed after researching something.

My point of this thread was to see what people think of changing the type and amount of shells taken in a match, on a cap zone in case you change your mind or something like this happens

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There’s nothing wrong with how the existing system works. Just remember, when you change your default shell, it will alter the quantities when you start a match. I could argue for changing the way that camouflages work (maybe tie certain styles to certain maps) but it’s just too silly and complicated. The game is great the way that it is.

Usually when you research new type of ammo, it automatically loads all available space for it. So for example, if you carry 25/40 APHE rounds, and then research HE, then you will have 25 APHE and 15HE automatically and you will need to manually remove HE. But if you got 40 HE, then it’s weird and probably a bug

Just use the test drive menu in hangar to fix order and quantity of shells after you get a new ammo mod researched. You don’t even have to do the actual test drive.

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If you select the ammunition in the modification tab, the game will replace whatever you had loaded in your first slot with the selected ammo.

So if you usually have 30rd of APHE but then select the HE shell from the modification dropdown menu, it will turn the 30rd into HE.

I agree. It practically has no real use case. What we do need is the ability to choose which ammo type is replenish at caps, though.

Oh my, I didn’t even know that. Never used modification tab to choose my ammo lol.

Yes please

Holy hell the amount of people who don’t understand me…

I know how this game works people! Jeez, what I’m saying is that the game REMOVED all of my APHE for whatever reason, and I wanted to implement a system where you can change ammunition type when you’re spawned in.

I am NOT saying that it automatically filled my remaining places with HE, I am saying it REPLACED my APHE with HE