Change researching a new tank to platoons

One thing many war thunder players will agree is that there is a painfully long grind for new ranks and new tanks.
Having played both pc and mobile versions of war thunder, i will say that the pc version is superior but lacks one neat feature which the mobile version has.
In the mobile version, there are tank campaigns (levels) and unlocking a new level lets you unlock 4 vehicles: light tank, heavy tank, tank destroyer and an anti air all of the same country and rank. You star off with the light tank and as you progress in platoon level (not tank campaign but a differemt progress bar), you unlock the heavy tank and so on till you unlock the anti air. You also recieve points to upgrade your platoon which allow you to reduce reload time and so on. With every new platoon level, you also unlok tank shells.
This saves a lot of time and reduces the grinding and so i suggest that this also gets implemented in the pc version.