Change of research points


I recently noticed that the number of research points obtained after a game has lowered significantly. After a game with say 4 kills it would result in abt 1000 rp or more - now it´s barely abt 400. Is there something new to the game or is it related to the fact that I added the 4.0 Dicker Max to a preset with 4.3 Sturer Emil and 5.0 VK 3002 instead of the Panzer IV/70? But I´m quite convinced that even with Dicker Max included the research points used to get way higher than now for a while. This way it will take forever to research new vehicles - even slower than I used to be.

Any help solving this mystery is appreciated - cheers!

After I did the recent update I saw they wrote something about changes to research points, but didn’t read it… I think you can find the changelog somewhere and see what they said.

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Also… make sure you’re not exceeding your ‘max research efficiency’ … If you’re playing level 2-3 vehicles and are researching a higher level vehicle, you won’t get ‘full credit’…

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You’re likely researching a tank that is 2 Ranks above the tank you’re playing.



Thanks - sounds like I´m playing too low compared to the vehicle I´m researching!


Where did you find this info? Can´t seem to find it.

Wiki Research Points - War Thunder Wiki

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