Change Name to get unbanned

Okay so I got banned because as a gamer who reads those terms and stuff, And I changed my name to something stupid, thats why i deserve getting ban and I am changing my name but I cannot buy that shtty “change nick” it only says “Your payment is not successful, please try again later” I am using gcash

Blink Blink go file a support ticket.

I did, but i got a message in game to change my name, so I did but when I try to buy the thing to change my name, with the only option i have to buy the “change name” thingy It only says “your payment is not successful, please trya gain later”

So try again later

Bro your name lol, this made my day


trynd sus

I know stupidly funny, it was that time when I was planning to play with a friend with the same humor, And I didnt read the terms “lets face it, who would read that”

Who indeed…

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still the same

pls help, I regret changing it

I have no way to do so. Maybe your payment option is not working, so best check this first (Paypal? Credit card not up to date?)

Then maybe open a support ticket if you can’t figure it out on your side.

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unfortunately, that’s the only option I have. thanks anyway

^ That, for payment issues you will need to contact Support