Change Leopard 2 PL BR to 11.0

I hope to change Leopard 2 PL br to 11.0, and removing DM43 is acceptable(Of course it would be better if we could keep it).
The following are my reasons:

1. With the Leopard2A7’s arrival, most German players have abandoned Leopard 2 PL and left it unused. Leopard 2 PL has become an unpopular vehicle in top-tier. Change it’s BR to 11.0, players who like playing Secondary top-tier are willing to use leopard 2 PL. And Germany happens to lack a team with 11.0 BR.


2.To compete with US and CN in Secondary top-tier. As we know, US 11.0 BR and CN 10.7 BR are very strong in Secondary top-tier. M1A1 and MBT2000 are powerful and few tanks can match with them. Compared with they two, leopard2 PL has better turret protection and NVD,so removing DM43 and keeping DM33 is acceptable.
(Of course it would be better if we could keep it)

3.To cooperate with Germany air force. German air force has three Secondary top-tier planes, one F4-F and two Su-22s. But because of the gap between 10.3br and 11.3br in German ground force, we seldom see these planes in German ground battle.

4. Because of the reason in Point 3, most German players don’t research Su-22 , which makes Su-22 become a useless plane on tech tree. The change of Leopard2PL BR will encourage players to research Su-22, and players will have more diverse combat styles, which is also beneficial for our game operations.

5.Improve gaming experience for those players who are still grinding on DE tech tree. Many new players like using Leopard2PL and premium Leopard2A4. This lead to getting into top-tier and ruining their game experience.

6.Last but not least, if DE get 11.3 premium tank in the future, leopard2 PL will not influence its sales, because they are in different tiers.Players who like playing in top-tier will definitely choose new premium tank.

Thank you for reading and forgive my poor English.Please leave your comments.

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I aprove 👏👏👏

Its alr just a leo 2a5 side-grade, its fine where it is

Now that the Aim has the 5 second reload the leo2pl shouldn’t be at the same br anymore. The aim has better armor, a better round and a higher fire rate. The only major plus the 2pl has are better thermals

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Disagree. The 2PL is a great tank, IMO as good or better than the 2A5. If any Leo needs to go down it’s the 2A5.

However, DM43 (never used by Poland) should be swapped out for the indigenous Pz.531/2 which is a tandem rod with a bit lower flat pen than DM43 but better sloped penetration. Or even DM63, which uses the same penetrator as DM53 but has a smidge lower velocity (1650m/s). Though I think that’d be 11.7 material, once the top BR is raised to 12.0 (probably soon)

Get DM63 and head to 11.7
The better Leo2 (Strv122 Leo2A7V) goes for the higher BR
The main force of Germany 11.0 will be Leo2A4 (1991),and other old Leo2

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I like this idea, I said something similar here

For Ger it would be nice if the Starfighter would be 10.3 BR. Its always meh that the Leopard 2A4 lineup has no western jetfighter and has to go either with Migs or G.91 from lower BR.

For sure, all the 104s except the A/C are .3 overtiered IMO

I disagree. It should be given access to DM63 and uptiered to 11.7. It’s already a glass cannon, might as well full send it.