Change BR step intervals to 0.2

I dont know if anyone has noticed that from 0.3 to 0.7 is 0.4.
Anyway, due to gaijin refusal to add more ranks to aid decompress why not change the step interval to 0.2 and spread everything out

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Honestly I’d be interested in just trying this out

just reduce MM to +/-0.7


What it actually is is thirds: 0.3333, 0.6666

The ideal improvement here is to actually use every decimal point. This isn’t a “decompression” thing, so there’s no risk of it negatively affecting matchmaking/etc, it would simply allow for over three times the nuance in placing vehicles.

Things like X variant of a vehicle being slightly better than Y variant… but they either both sit at 4.3 and one is a flat upgrade, or one goes up to 4.7 where it’s outclassed. That would be gone, instead moving the slight better one to 4.4, 4.5, or 4.6.

This isn’t any meaningful additional work on the dev side, as it’s mostly automated and driven by performance stats anyway, and it would be infinitely more intuitive for players. All upsides, no downsides.