Change BR from 13.0 to 13.7 Aircraft - tanks increase to BR 12.7

Hello, nice to meet you. My proposal is regarding the Battle Rating (BR) of aircraft in the new “SEEK AND DESTROY” update, similar to that of lower BR tanks. After discussing with streamers and long-time players, it is evident that this change would greatly benefit the game. Currently, the top tier for aircraft and tanks is very compressed, especially for aircraft in the 12.0 to 12.7 range. These have become completely useless against planes using Fox-3 missiles, such as the Mig-29G (12.7), Gripen-A (12.7), Netz (12.3), Baz (12.3), Mig-29 (12.0), and Mig-27 (12.7). With this update, it is absurd to keep them as they are; it’s better to skip them or not even bother researching them, like the Mig-29G.

To address this, we could give them Fox-3 missiles of lower quality or in smaller quantities compared to the 13.0 tier, but this would disrupt the lower levels. Therefore, I believe the most prudent and healthy solution for everyone is to increase the BR to 13.7 for aircraft. This way, many planes in the intermediate range can still be enjoyable, whereas now they are merely an annoyance on the way to the top tier.

Similarly, the top tier for tanks is very compressed, and increasing the BR to 12.7, or at least to 12.3, would be a viable option. Vehicles such as the Pantsir, T-90M, Leopards, helicopters, etc., disrupt the balance entirely. Raising their BR to 12.3 or 12.7 would make vehicles in the 11.0 and 11.3 ranges more enjoyable and not just an extra burden. This would also provide a breathing space for game balance and could make reaching 11.0 more interesting, knowing that you have the option to research these vehicles without immediately facing a mix of high-power and high-tech Leopards and tanks.

AS WITH ANYTHING, THIS IS ALWAYS DEBATABLE, but my intention is to make players more comfortable. Currently, most players have categorized this update as bad or game-ruining.


sounds reasonable. I hear people complaining about l2a5 and a6 being at the same br with strv122s all the time (and I agree with them). Move things like strv122 and l2a7 up to a 0.3-0.7 br higher than the other top tiers could make things better(at least that makes the op tanks cost higher br).

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Very true. I’ve put my vehicles I like on separate crews so that when I’m in a 12.0 I check the statistics first to see if I’m facing SPAMRAAM then I just leave if I am and play the other vehicle.

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An important component of free to play games is to keep players frustrated, frustration that can be overcome by spending money. A higher BR cap and decompression would reduce the frustration faced when facing stronger vehicles and the incentive to pay for vehicle modifications or to unlock better vehicles would be reduced.

That makes sense as long as you don’t have to shell out $200 to reach top tier. For those players who were already at top tier, it’s relatively cheap, but for the majority who are just getting there, it’s just not worth continuing, especially not for a plane they aren’t interested in. Take, for instance, Germany—it doesn’t make sense to pay to get a MiG-29G, which is subpar. Or consider someone at the JA37D level who would need to buy the Gripen A and then the Gripen C. Since it’s not viable to play with the Gripen A, players are simply skipping upgrading planes that are now likely just a financial drain. Furthermore, the new F-20 is virtually useless for grinding. I myself have spent around $500 or more on the game and I don’t plan to spend another penny, as it doesn’t make sense to continue suffering at higher levels. Despite having three nations advanced, I’d rather play in the 9.0 - 10.0 BR range. I understand they want to make money, but at this point, many have decided not to continue. Adding a money talisman would have been much more profitable, as hundreds or thousands (myself included) would buy it, even at top-tier levels. However, introducing a talisman now, at top-tier as it stands, wouldn’t even be useful.