Chances off ammo rack do not explode?

Is there any chance, a light tank and more specifically the AMX-10RC to get shot in the ammo, the ammo sets on fire but doesn’t kill the tank?

I understand some tanks have 2 stage ammo, others a blow up panel, but what has the amx about ammo rack protection?

I don’t know about the specific chance, but most ammo in war thunder has a small chance to not explode.

just set on fire but dont explode?

Should never happen, bug report it.

Yes, ammunition can survive being hit or set on fire in the right situation. The explosive part of the ammo is inside a sealed brass tube.

i am talking about the game.

nvm doesn’t really mater. game is already frustrating. money well spent.

Normally? Nothing.

Not sure if they changed something but the AMX-10RC has a 85% probability to not detonate. Taken from this site => detonateProb -

Despite the Datamine taken from nearly a year ago I doubt much has changed as in short there are only a select few vehicle that have a 100% ammorack chance when hit.

An ammo fire is usually supposed to be catastrophic. Ammo can be hit and not burn/explode, ask any Brit’sh Main. Those are just crits that are supposed to subtract the rounds in that hit box from available count.

I wonder if that is just the probability that the vehicle will get rendered as spontaneously disintegrating when ammo racked? I seem to get and give ammo rack kills a lot more often than 15% of the time…

Does it have wet stowage?

Honestly no idea, but as far as I can see it doesnt matter as there are four groups of chances being 8%, 15% 50% and 100%. Of these groups the 15% one is the largest group in game.