Chances of K2 Black Panther in 2024

Hello. I am really looking forward to this tank.

Mechanically, I know there are some issues with how to fit it in: unified Korean tree, sub-tree under Japan (controversial I know), etc, but I really just want to know what everyone thinks the chances are of us seeing the K2 Black Panther tank in War Thunder this year, regardless of how it is added.

What do you think: no way, unlikely, maybe, likely, definitely (or however you want to quantify the likelihood and why you think that)?


I would say unlikely for this year. I dont see a Korean tech tree coming out this year if at all. Japan is also not given much attention.

I would assume they will add a couple more Japanese mbts before they add a Korean one.

Id say hold your judgment for now. AFAIK new road map should be announced which might give more info about how new additions will be handled, also we should be getting new devblogs during february.