Ive been playing since beta and i have never been so disappointed in a vehicle especially a premium tank that i came straight to the forum to post about it… this tank is clearly bugged it literally cannot kill anything, I’ve hit tanks point blank on their sides to some how get a ricochet multiple times and when i do pen them the tank does no damage at all at most it may kill one crew member, the tank does not deserve to be an 11.3 it get penned by everything is slow and doesn’t even have commander thermal, i brought in my AVRE and managed to kill more tanks in my AVRE than this tank its literally useless

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Welcome to the top tier British experience


Well yeah, it’s a TES with a .50 cal on it.

You can try for a refund, citing the horrible bugs it has and how it’s not fit for purpose, but good luck with that.

Now, if you’re in the EU, you might be able to demand the refund within 14 days for any reason and they cannot deny it, not sure how that works with digital goods though.

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Why would someone buy this?


I will repeat again. At this point premium Challenger 1 is a much a better option and it’s rank 7 just like the OES

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The DS is great.

In typical gaijin fashion, they used the most unrepresentative desert storm challenger possible, I.e. the mk2 but it’s far, far better than the challenger 2.

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Yes, and coupled with stunning in my opinion G-LYNX and also stunning Rooikat 105 very nice line-up can be formed out of these 3 premiums to grind the whole British ground and heli trees

I did try to warn people, but they stopped me.

Yeah. Challenger 2 should never ever have been a premium


for me all 11.3 challies2 should go to 11.0 and top tier spread should go up to 12.3, reason beeing all 11.3 challies are massive, super slow, have garbage hulls and huge mantlets with bunch of additional holes in turret. They could reduce reload rate or take best rounds for all I care. At that BR they would still be slow and massive but with spall liners they offer some sort of quirk gameplay instead of beeing clubbed to death by tanks that are faster and better protected at the same time.


Bro i wouldn’t want it if it was free


Or maybe they could oh I don’t know, fix the model?

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They need to buff the Challengers to match real life

Its being worked on

But yeah, its current state. is a bit of a joke

I like using it. My only problem with it is absolute horrible mobility. The hull armor is weak but it is pretty good when hull down. It isn’t the best though. 2A7 is better at everything just 0.3 br higher.