Challenger Mk3 and DS are missing their internal RHA around their ammo and instead have structural steel which is incorrect

It says the RHA is composed of structural steel which is not correct

U should also report the missing shoulder armor if you have any evidence of that, because IT TOO was removed in the new update. Based on an assumption. Which is huge joke as far as im concerned


I don’t have a before and after but i’ve seen a few people mention this too

Yea it was changed based upon an assumption of an expectation of something that is classified.

This was admitted by a moderator when i asked whats up.

Ignoring statistical data of primary documents regarding protection characteristics.

And my favorite part. I asked for the report that they are using for the assumptions and they wont provide it, unlike all other changes that are documented with a link to the report. Like today with the 279 lower hull armor fix or what ever

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Brilliant sigh

Necroing but made a report

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Awesome job!

Oh you did miss the missing internal RHA in your report, as that will stop most spalling, where Structural steel will not iirc

structural also blocks most of the shrapnel in game, but it doesnt generates secondary fragments unlike rha, so it is actually a nerf

Not really. Secondary spall penetrates structural steel and not RHA. Irl they are rha armored bins. So you only go boom if the ammo is hit directly.
U can test this w chally mk2 shooting near ammo. It has the water bins and sec spall pens the structural steel bins