Challenger mk2/3

Gaijin have just fucked the front armour of this thing for no reason. They have removed the shoulder composite from the front hill of the challenger vareints which just creates massive glaring weak spots for people to shoot at now. The one good thing about britain was it’s 10.0 lineup and they’ve just gone a fucked it……



Trying to find sources on the composite in the shoulders. A mod said a person made a report. I bet it was one sentence long too

Nothing unusual, just the regularly scheduled screwing of britian per standard patch/update customs.

The change was based on an assumption. When theres alot of images that can have the power of deduction applied that rhere was infact something in them. They had it right for 5 years.

Cant we ask gaijin to atleast stop nerfing britain? Not even asking for ufp armor buffs for all challengers just to leave minor nations alone.