Challenger DS named as Challenger Mk.3, doesn't have L26 round

Hovering the mouse over the Challenger DS has the full name “Tank, Combat, 120-mm Gun, Challenger Mk.3, Desert Storm”, but doesn’t have the additional round (L26) that the tech tree Challenger Mk.3 has, its current best round is the same as the Challenger Mk.2 (Shot L23A1).

Closing as not a bug without explanation won’t solve it - it’s a Mk3 with missing Mk3 features and recently moved to the Mk3 BR range:

[Challenger Main Battle Tank 1982-97 (New Vanguard)] [By: Dunstan, Simon] [January, 1998] Paperback, pages 36 to 39.

Source 2: The Official British Army Blog

"It is 25 years since the 1991 Gulf War when British troops contributed (OP GRANBY) to the successful Allied operation which prevented Saddam’s invasion of Saudi Arabia (DESERT SHIELD) and then liberated Kuwait (DESERT STORM).

Capt Tim Purbrick commanded a Troop of Challenger Main Battle Tanks during the 1991 Gulf War. This blog is written from his diaries, notebooks and a tape recording he made during the war.

The blog will follow his work up to the war and then the war itself, day by day 25 years on."

16th January 1991

For the day on which the UN deadline ran out – 0800hrs Wednesday 16th January our time – and we were supposed to be at war, it was pretty chilled out. I spent most of the time writing letters. A Vickers T-shirt arrived for us to add to the collection, then another complete NBC issue and finally a complete change of bag charges from L13 to L14. Apparently the L14 are less likely to go bang if we get hit. We were issued BATS – Biological Agent Treatment Sets tablets – take one every twelve hours. We’re getting 12 DU rounds and dosimeters to measure how much radiation we absorb from the rounds – they are made deliberately so that the wearer cannot see how much radiation they have had! After the tanks have been up armoured keep the bazooka plates for Over Head Protection in guard trenches.

23rd January 1991

A turbo prop aircraft flew over us very early in the morning. D Day gets closer, mentally and now physically. This is probably the last place that we will be able to relax a bit before moving to the forward assembly area. As usual the World Service appears to have given away our position. Now I know what it must have been like to be a soldier at Goose Green in the Falklands War where the same thing happened. We saw the Egyptian tanks today on our right flank. They’ve got M48s, so even older than the tanks belonging to the US Marines. But they look very well maintained. They are moving off to the north east in a few days, to be replaced by 800 US Army A1M1 Abrams – a slightly warmer and fuzzier feeling was felt by all present. We have also been issued with 6 L26 Jericho Depleted Uranium rounds for T-72 killing. We’ve put them in the ready rounds rack where they look quite incongruous with egg boxes and loaves of bread stored between them. Another anthrax jab is on the way too.

28th January 1991

Our FIN round will take out a T-80 at 2,000m and, if it’s hull down, 1,000m. DU will take out a T-72 through the frontal armour, and then keep going. HESH should be good out to 3,000m. Drop the round short of the target to get the forward V of the blast effect.

posting here for all to see since the issue keeps being closed as “not a bug” without a single reasoning.

Shell selection is a matter of general game balance. Shell loadouts are generally not locked to historical setups and are used to balance tanks at their BRs.

Tanks not having a particular shell is indeed not a bug. Its a game balance choice.