Challenger 2's armour

so in these two images you can see the challenger 2 TES’ ERA and I wanted to know if this is at all realistic and if there should be different stats for the two pieces

at the moment the TES is useless compared to the 2f because it offers the same protection (shown below) but weighs significantly more (5.8 t more)

I find the stats seem unrealistic especially when compared to the T-90A’s CONTACT-5 seen in the image below where the ERA blocks are significantly smaller with higher protection.

(obviously I’m not an expert and I would just like someone to confirm or deny if this is at all realistic or a mistake or deliberate action by gaijin)


Challenger 2’s and British armour overall is known widely as some of the best, if not THE best armour in the world. Despite this, it’s relatively weak in game with unrealistic armour estimations.

The challenger can only really shine well at long distances, but with those types of maps being so few and far between, it leaves British mains struggling.

The add on armour available for the challenger series of vehicles also has inaccuracies, especially with the lower front plate of the hull with the add on Composite NERA, in which even a tiger and other old munitions can peirce through with little effort.

Overall, id say that the British MBT’s need a massive rework of the armour protection information/statistics to something more realistic for a vehicle that is known worldwide as having the best armour in the world.


That may have been true when Chobam first came out but the CR2’s armour hasn’t been updated since its introduction. In contrast, the armour of Abrams and Leopard 2 have been continuously updated throughout their service lives.

This has been well known for years and probably nothing will ever change.

Yet t80bvm is more armoured, almost half the weight.

Much faster, better gun and rounds just don’t do anything most of the time from 90 degree angle.

Everybody knows that so I count how many t80bvm I will see in top tier every game.

Will it be 8 bvms or 12 this time? That’s actually what I play at top tier now.

Guessing game to try to see if i can guess how many of them will be. That’s how I amuse myself at top tier.

It’s blatant favourism and you never see them balanced and corrected probably because of certain events in the world.

70 plus tons of pure air and nothing, that’s what they tell us.

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Its currently on its 4th generation since its first introduction. It has been upgraded throughout the years, just not publicised much.

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Of course it’s not realistic, it’s incredibly dubious that the TES skirts are ERA instead of NERA considering the size and weight increase (and the ERA on the front of the Tank was replaced with NERA after the lower plate was pierced by an RPG-29, apparently they replaced the front with NERA and swapped the side NERA with ERA?).

With no solid documentation we’re left with the snails speculation, which leads to a lot of goofy quirks with western equipment.

Chally 2 currently only has NERA kits for add on protection, the ERA isn’t used due to the chances that the detonation of the ERA blocks harm near by friendly forces.