Challenger 2 Rework

So are we getting the Challenger 2 rework this update as we were led to believe?

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They have said it might come this update or it might be released as a separate patch soon after depending on if it is finished or not.

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That isn’t what they said.

First and foremost, we want to take the time to thank you for creating bug reports for the Challenger 2. Thanks to these reports, the following have been actioned and have already been implemented, or will be implemented into production either in the near future or the next major update:

This is the next major update and saying near future preceding that, and the other comments made by them to indicate it may have come out before the next major update says as much.


Smin said in the R&R a few days ago

Oh wonderful so it’s been pushed back.

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I think they are still trying to find creative ways to get out of giving it the buffs it needs


Sounds like the most plausible scenario to me.
Probably hoping we forget about it.

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Haha never. Smin has been asked about it constantly in the R&R

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I was hoping it would come out today with the air kill rework. But, chally is on the back burner been playing air alot. It better come with the next major update.

I dunno about you guys but the challenger 3TD seems to have zero spall for me, i go play and abrams and one shot everything

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Y’all are masters of conspiracy theories.

History has made us paranoid.

Even the dev post, they pulled “aluminium backplate”

out of the ether. This has already been fact checked and found to be completely wrong. (I think it was fact checked the same day the dev post dropped actually)

So its scary what they will come up with in the future.


Saying at the TES topic they denied ASPRO-HMT change as they think you measure Stanag not from the block front, but from the tank front.
How devs did it

30 degree from the front
And how they should have did it

They are also ignoring the fact that the protection is provided by Aspro+backplate+tank side, not blocks only but i will leave that for now


Prepare for the worse and hope the best :)

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Hard disagree, the definition is frontal arc protection including sides. Only the the lesser STANAG protection ratings are for 360 degree coverage.

Even the ASPRO marketing only rates it in 360 coverage up to 14.5mm
So it only meets STANAG 5 within the definitions of frontal arc protection. Which it does in game, there are some issues with the block being defeated and the backing plate stopping it. But the description of STANAG level 5 is not flat 90 degree then +/- 30 from the sides.

We did this discussion to death with Legwolf, if you remained unconvinced by that I cannot help you.


i will re read the whole thing when i will have free time

I don’t know how you get that when you image you posted explicitly says “14.5 mm AP or more”, as in “14.5 mm AP and up”.