Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Just cos it was posted on IG doesnt mean anything or change the fact it may have been posted in error.

Classified is classified. Whether shared intentionally or accidentally.

If it’s been deleted on that account, it’s probably worth deleting it if you’ve screen shot it.

yea well… i wasnt the one posting it :p

Still doesn’t make it right.

If it has been deleted due to classified status, then you’re handling classified data. Whether if you were the leak or not. (That account is normally good at posting safe stuff, so if it’s been removed, there’s good reason for it)

Similar to stolen goods. You may not have stolen an item, but you can be prosecuted for handling stolen goods.

Either way, original source has removed it, so out of respected for the source, it’s probably worth deleting any screen shots too.


Yea, it got removed so be carefull while dealing with it


To further put it into context.

Original post has been deleted by the User for reasons (let’s assume its because it’s classified)

You’ve screen shot it, and stated here you have, and don’t care because it was posted on IG first before being deleted.

If found to be in possession of that image and/or distribution of it. You are not absolved of punishment because “it was posted on IG first”

They have a few shots of the engine, thickness of the turret roof and aux sight closeups at the time of posting

Let’s take this into play. I have the F-35 manual. How can you confirm that I have it

I can’t. However, if you are found with it somehow, or you start sharing data from it, then you’re in trouble.

That dude can keep his screenshots, what I’m saying is, if he shares it for whatever reason, despite it “being put on IG first” doesn’t stop him from being punished.

If the OP has deleted it, there’s good reason, and it’s probably worth not keeping any screen shots just incase.

Anyway, back on topic, it was a cool image to see for the short while it was posted. Shame it’s gone and we can’t use it for bug reports.

Its a new angle, it confirms my theory of the mantlet sitting to high in game and being round and the bottom

Is the mantlet not already round at the bottom ingame?

Is it simply pictures? Because of so how can that be classified. It’s like taking a picture of a destroyed challenger in Ukraine. It may be frowned upon but you can’t exactly be prosecuted for it. All to say could I be able to have a look at them lol. I love looking at different angles of the challenger and would like to see what’s in it?

do we know why theyve taken it down?

and how will i be punished for showing something posted on instagram?

I wanna see these images of the CR2 what I miss? Is it the one of the exposed turret?

Yup, exposed turret showing the breach with no cannon in it. What I will say is that it shows that we were wrong about the gaps in the mantlet being filled by a reunion. Instead it may just be how the barrel is held in place? Can’t see any other reason why such huge gaps would be in the armour.

Taking a picture of something that’s isn’t supposed to be public is still a breach of the official secrets act. The method/media of it is irrelevant.


Yeah but it shouldnt, thats my point

It was a turret front with no gun installed with the mantlet details fully exposed.

It was the holy grail, but is unusable unless told otherwise. 😞


No idea why it was taken down, however, because it was, with haste, we can assume that is exposes something that may be classified.

As for the second part, refer to Gunjobs comment

Haste is rather relative. It was up for over 40min. That is fast, but in the internet it is more than enough time to let a thing be seen by milions

I’m not going to comment on whether that photo was classified, because there is simply no way of us knowing, though personally I have my doubts that it was (strictly speaking at least). There are countless other reasons it could have been taken down; generally speaking taking any photos inside a UK military base without explicit permission is against the base rules and can (depending on the circumstances) land you in hot water.

However speaking more generally it is absolutely possible for a photo to be classified. In the UK (and I imagine most other countries) classification flows down; if you take a photo of something classified that photo becomes classified, if you put one classified file on a hard drive that whole hard drive is considered classified, etc. And classification doesn’t just apply to text, objects or areas can also be classified.

I will preface this next bit by saying that the classifications discussed below no longer apply (as evident by the fact that the MOD have more recently allowed multiple photos and videos to have been released from inside the CR2, and of the turret shells).

As an example, when the Challenger 2 was new (~1993) a journalist was wanting to view the tank and write an article about it. They got rejected because the inside of the turret was (at the time) classified as UK Restricted, meaning you had to have signed the Official Secrets Act to simply look inside the turret.

They also wanted to see the factory where the turrets were being produced, but this was again rejected as the turret shells were classified as UK Secret meaning you again had to have security clearance to see them:

All they were prepared to let him do was view the tank from the outside, so long as all the hatches were closed so he couldn’t see inside:

And as a reminder these classifications almost certainly no longer apply (as evident by various photos and videos the MOD have released from inside CR2 over the years since it entered service).