Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Ide love to be able to use the 40mm grenade launcher on the remote weapon system

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Im pretty sure all Challys2 can be fitted with it

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Then I might put in that suggestion then. I assume there is no major “advantage” from the remote control weapon on the TES. I dont actually have it unlocked yet

The Leonardo Enforcer RCWS can be fitted with a 12.7mm M2 Machine gun, the GPMG or a 40mm Automatic Grenade launcher. Leonardo also played with the idea of a remote control ATGM system using the same package.
Their brochure can be seen here :

TES Could instead also get it’s Baracuda thermal stealth blanket too if you’re scouting for ideas.


Added to the list. Yeah 12.7mm on all of the chally 2 would actually be a reasonably decent upgrade. Not much reason for it to not have it in my opinion

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did this ever get corrected?

Absence of thermal vision for the commander, the commander can use the thermal vision from the gunner, but he also has his own thermal image, better than the M1A2 + Challenger 2 can also have a self-loading system for the 120 mm cannon

Well, I woud love 12.7 on the Challys, woud be usefull. The Enforcer can be used to look around in thermal when you sellect maschinegun control, as a makeshift commander thermal sight. I had used it like that a few times already.

Chally with the bonus atgm? YES SIR! But seriously, it would be nice to have ability to install enforcer and be able to customise it, choosing between 7.62/12.7/40mm. I doubt argm would be ever added.

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What do you think guys, are pinging Gunjob here or nah?

I’d like to see the Challenger 2 in full glory and now that it’s nerfed the penetration of the L27A1 560 WTF is actually just over 650mm at 1km

And the evidence for 650 is?

Yeah if you have any good data please submit a bug report asap

what for? if you want to make a report for this stuff, do them indivudually on the bug report site.

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Further to Fireball’s comment chuck a link to the bug report on here so we’re not duplicating effort


Pretty sure Chally 2 can neutral steer IRL like the WT one does.
I know 25 degrees per second of Leclerc is accurate, so 26 of Chally 2 seems believable at the least.
L27A1 is accurate pen based on the known dimensions. Perforation might be incorrect but that’s incorrect on all ammo.

Charges aren’t protected by 5mm RHA?

Someone mentioned it in another thread so I popped it on there to check it. Better confirm its right than to miss it.

Again, someone mentioned that it should have more like 650mm at 1km, not 560. No evidence provided yet, but again, lets confirm its right and if it is, i’ll cross it off.

That comes from this bug report Community Bug Reporting System

So we’ll see

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I actually have a book on order for the Chally 2 from Bovington, not sure what in it, but might contain some useful info, maybe exactly what we need to cross some items off the list

Well at 1km 60 degrees it’s 636mm currently. 318x2, or 318/cosin60.
So if they were looking at 60 degree NATO plate data, then it’s pretty accurate.

might just need a stat card re-write or something then, but we’ll see. This list isnt fact, its just a list of things to check and confirm