Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

@Smin1080p is there any update on how the armour changes are going for the challenger 2?maybe a rough time scale? Anything?

i imagine his reponse will be wait for the potential news this week or next

Next month, next year, next decade

The developer has shared comments regarding the hull side protection of the CR2 series.

Regarding the pictures from the rear of the CR2

In the photographs with a tape measure it is clearly visible that the thickness of the side is ~38mm, the rest is a weld.

Regarding the document stating 60KE and 300CE protection levels for the hull side;

60mm KE, 300 CE are obviously specified for some specific ammunition. For example, from 14.5mm BS-41 and RPG-18
Taking into account the separation from powerful weapons such as 9M114, will not provide protection at the level of 300mm CE
In addition, I would like to note that the upper part of the side as a whole provides about 50-60mm of OBPS

I think this is fair, the hull photos are a majority weld beyond 38-40mm of obvious plate. The document giving 60KE and 300CE is clearly including the skirts as the 300CE is likely an RPG hitting them and the air between the skirt and hull is providing most of that CE protection.


Still no mantlet armour. Which is what the challys really needs


but what about the ERA

im sure all will become clear soon enough

Don’t have an update on that yet, just providing the comments on this specific report as it wasn’t reported on the CBR and was on the old forum so you lot won’t have a place to see the comments.


Is it about this?


Did the devs make any comment on the front dorchester blcoks having different protection for the 2F and TES?

so no news at the moment

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pahahahahahahahahahaha who could’ve seen that one coming.

on a serious note, that’s seriously bad news. hell, the Ariete got mentioned.

currently its about as clear as brick wall.
room for improvement mayhaps?

Gaijin: “We have fixed a number of bugs so far”

The bugs they’ve fixed:


Smoke coming out the wrong hole affected my gameplay sooo much, how about you guys? I’m so happy.

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and the transmission even though their is no difference

I hate the change. Now i cant impersonate the steam locomotive in my Cr2


Does anybody know who provided the GCE for challenger 2 BN?

I think it’s MOOG or SAFRAN, but i cant seem to find any hard specs for their actuator systems